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The talented Andrea Kett sent me a link to this wonderfully, whimsical website called Undergrowth Design. They sell brilliant tea sets with dangling legs that I may have to break the bank to add to my collection. I already have the Alice in Wonderland tea set and the Bailey’s winking boy and girl set, but this would easily trump all of it as the most precious! The quirky upside down dress as a sundae dish and spoon legs are a great addition to anyone’s china cabinet. Even Grandma would giggle and blush!  Check out Undergrowth Design for more cool stuff. I’m gonna have to order some before I explode.

photos: Undergrowth Design

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I came across this site and thought, ‘Oh, Hell no.’

Here is a t-shirt with faux arm pit hair and the panties to make the perfect German match. Why Germany, you say? On a trip to Germany during my youth, I distinctly remember women would roam the city in full on fur under the arms and legs. I still have this one image of this really pretty lady getting on the bus and lifting her arm to grab the handle and *gasp* , her pits had never seen a razor… then another fairly attractive lady had a short skirt with nude colored stockings only to reveal suffocating strands of hair on her leg.. not stuble…. but strands, I say.

I mean, I’m victim of the ‘I’m too lazy – it’s too cold out to shave- I’m gonna be wearing pants anyway- i’ve got my period, so fupe it’- excuses , but I think it was an everyday thing in Germany and it was fairly common. So, I thought it must run throughout Europe… 

On one of trips to France about 10 years ago, I thought, let me take advantage of this time to grow out all my hair, so I can wax it off when I get back to the states…. well, apparently, I was the one getting stares…. so I caved and shaved after 5 days…. 

photos: Miss & Lady’s Boutique

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