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British designer J. Smith Esquire makes fantastic hats and accessories fit for the modern Victorian lady. Is that an oxymoron? Hmmmm… I’m especially digging the fur hats- it’s like a cat on your head- that’s always good in my universe. I also love the stained glass hat. Speaking of stained glass, here are some photos I took of the newly remodeled Limelight in NYC:

Stained glass is the best! It’s like a forever rainbow! (yes, I’ll always be a four year old at heart.)

Anyway, the that neck piece in the fourth photo is pretty killer! That’s a statement piece if ever there was one… Brilliant work, J!

photos: J. Smith Esquire

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Back when I was in high school and college, I used to skip school and go to NYC for the day. Sometimes I’d miss the last bus back home and I’d be stranded in NYC ( oh no!) until the early early morning bus. I would take full advantage and go nightclub hopping from Spa to the Limelight, etc…Sometimes I would seriously want to just sit down and take a nap and so I would- in a nightclub because I felt safer at a nightclub than the Port Authority. Anyway, one of these iconic nightclubs that I used to dance away, brush my teeth and nap at was The Limelight. Home slice got a makeover into a damn mall. Thankfully, It’s a mall more in the vain of Henri Bendel than Mall of America. Next time I’m back in NYC, I’m gonna have to relive my moments by going to every mini shop and retrace by steps… like that’s where I barfed, that’s where I passed out, that’s where I hid my fur coat so I could get into the club, that’s where I picked some guys pocket, etc. etc…. Funny how life changes.

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photos: Limelight Market Place

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