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If Jigsaw and Lladro were to have afternoon high tea together at The Savoy, I bet they would burp out something like this.  Seriously, this is pretty awesome just because of the shock factor. I’m not one for blood and gore, but GODDAMN! this is awesome. I mean, the ladies are so dainty, yet they are carrying their brains like a basket of fresh baked scones. Artist Jessica Harrison is behind these masterpieces. Be sure to check her site for more fupe artwork like furniture sprouting pubic hair. It’s like a Clarence Thomas /Anita Hill fest, but alas no Coke can. Anywho, this would be perfect in my dining room next to the Mark Ryden art.

photos: Jessica Harrison

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Sretsis‘s Fall 2010 collection was completely inspired by the porcelain figurine manufacturer, Lladro. Lladro usually is one of those dust collectors sitting on the mantle of your crazy Aunt Lovey’s sitting room. She makes everyone look at the Lladro figurines instead of Jerry Springer during afternoon tea. She may have more than 3 cats and still has plastic on her furniture. Actually, this could be me. Let’s change the subject. Anyway, I’m really digging the moosh muffin kitties in this spread! So fluufffeeyyyy! And I can’t hate on the hair bow and icy blue hair. I’m still more excited about the cats! Viva les Chats!

Mr. Marmar is hissed he didn’t get a callback.

Where's my callback, b*tch?

photos: Fashion 156

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