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This was the Faces Exhibition hosted by the Electric Blue Gallery in England. Here is an explanation of the show:

“The group exhibition featured artwork based around the theme of how designer labels has come to manifest itself into our lives and as a culture. Featured artists include Zevs, Eine, Cezar, D*Face, Jasper Goodall and Rafał Zajko.”

I really enjoy art taking a stab at designer labels and popular culture. I think the wooden cross is the best one. I still can’t figure out the Louis Vuitton syringe. Is that an enema? Does that mean a Louis Vuitton bag is symbolic for a colostomy bag?? Am I reading too much into these works of art? Sometimes I get carried away with explanations and then something shiny comes along and I get distracted. That’s why me and Mr. Marmar are best mates- we get easily distracted by shiny things!! Anyway, brilliant exhibit!

photos: Hypebeast

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Artist Meryl Smith made this doggie bag that would make Paris Hilton squeal and a dog shiver. This dog looks pretty realistic and creepy, especially if you see if from far away, say, in a restaurant. It could totally pass for one of those stuffed carcasses. That being said, I would buy one just for the creep out factor. Check out Meryl’s blog for more unusual art, including her Halloween dress that is still making me barf. Check out her take on football. Love it!

dsc03454 dsc03446

photo: WOW

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Sarah Williams designed these fantastic luggage pieces that are super-limited edition. Seriously, if I had to choose between Louis Vuitton and this, I would choose this because it is so unique and seems like it is so meticulously crafted. Plus, every time I see Louis Vuitton luggage, I think of JLo’s butt. I love the new shapes especially the horseshoe-shaped luggage and the old-timey brass and leather execution is so cool.  The prices are available upon request, but I’m guessing they’re expensive because each is handmade completely- stitch by stitch. I wonder if I can take one of my dad’s briefcases and bend it in half and blow dry it with hot heat- that would be the welfare version of this. Forget it, it’s gonna look all effed up. Better wait until I save my pennies for this.

photos: Style Bubble

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These Louis Vuitton- inspired grocery bag totes are funny because:

A) Fashion people don’t eat- so why do they need a grocery tote? 

B) They look like they are straight form Canal street.

C) I don’t like when people carry food in their handbag- it’s like eating in bed. Grody!

D) Inspires muggers to mug you, only to find cheese and apples in your bag. 

E) This fall is the same category as having logos on your fingernails. 

F) But at least, you’re not using a plastic bag!

Umm….I just ordered 5. 


photos: fashion indie

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Man, this lady can knit her arse off! It’s Swedish designer Sandra Backlund’s recent collection featuring knitwear in impressive designs and shapes. This is not your grandmother’s sweater! Knitwear has always had a homemade, granny feel to it, no matter if it were Chanel or Meme’s. Backlund manages to make knitwear look chic, fresh and avant-guarde. Look for Backlund’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton coming soon. 

photos: Sandra Backlund

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