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This is the brilliant work of Andrea Kett who has designed for clients like Lulu Guinness. Pretty, dainty, humorous and wicked at the same time, Kett’s work is just what I need to hang throughout my home. Check out her Etsy shop if you want to order some prints for you or that special girly vixen in your life. I can’t stop looking at these. Each piece is equally gorgeous and glamorous beckoning to the 1950s! I wish I could just plaster my walls with all of them!

photos: Andrea Kett

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Lulu Guinness is wonderful! Here she is wearing a ‘Grimace‘ dress to the 20th Anniversary Party for her company. In case you don’t know, she designs whimsical accessories that Franco Moschino would have been proud of. By the way, I have that same lips handbag. If I could have a dress in the spirit of any cartoon , I think it would have to be Miss Piggy. She really embodies my whole life mantra. I mean, pink is my most favorite color in the whole world. Miss Piggy is pink! She also has an extensive wardrobe, much like mine. She also has an expensive wardrobe, much like mine. And her attitude is as if she was my long lost sister. Maybe we are! Split at birth! I do have the better nose, though. 

photos: The CUT

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