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One thing I love besides bows are POLKA DOTS! Usually I was a little ho-hum about Marc Jacobs, especially since last season’s ugly hippie dresses. But this season he emerged from the patchouli haze and has partially redeemed himself with these cute polka dot berets, 1940’s silhouettes and of course, POLKA DOTS!! So cool, because I already have lots of polka dots in my closet including those exact polka dot stockings I got from Victoria’s Secret a while back. I stocked up on those babies and now is the time to whip them out! My favorite look has got to be the second photo- I love the contrast of the collar, gloves and hat- so 1940’s. Yay for Marc !!

photos : Style

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Marc Jacob’s Spring 2010 collection was one of his most feminine to date. With touches of satin lingerie, sheer ruffles, and ethereal fabrics, Jacob’s was most likely inspired by the French’s love for the lady -like, yet avant -guarde.  I see hints of  vintage Jean Paul Gaultier and even Christian Dior’s last couture collection. Hopefully, the studs,black and the garish ’80s are buried where they belong now that Jacobs has ushered in a fresh,new, sophisticated  Spring collection.

photos: Style

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Let’s take a break from the hoity-toity fashion shows with this. Dr. Marten has released some really cool pastel colored boots. I remember wearing Docs in High School, but the colors were pretty basic back then. This was when grunge was big, so I used to wear these with flower  dresses and a knit sock hat. Pretty hideous by today’s standards. It was Marc Jacobs fault….and Nirvana.   Anyway, these go for about $114, which is pretty good since these will last you forever. I wonder if these come in the up the knee version… 


Photos: nitrolicious

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Thanks to Marc Jacobs, the horrid 1980s shoulder pads, pleated pants and ballon skirts are back. I thought these looks were banished to your local Salvation Army forever, -but, NO- Marc decided to regurgitate it back on the runways. The looks above are actually the better looks out of the whole show. Go to Style to view the entire show and thank me later for sparing you your eyes. You’ve been warned. Anyway, looking at this collection methinks that Marc was watching a Dynasty marathon whilst listening to Klaus Nomi and eating  Rolos. (MMMM, ROLOS) Here’s a photo of my favorite Carrington (she’s wearing Gold (the gaudiest one of all, of course!).


photos: Style and The Gaurdian UK

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Marc Jacob’s mouse flats celebrate a decade of decadence by collaboration with the artist , Kaws. These lmited edition (only 200 pairs in the world) can be found at Marc Jacobs boutiques, Colette in Paris and OriginalFake in Tokyo. I like them but I prefer the sketched Marc Jacobs mouse flats.  I got them in white. I had to get them because my nickname is  Moosh and  of course, Moosh  means ‘mouse’ or ‘cute’ in Farsi. So it was a purchase of necessity- yeah, that’s it….. 


Photos courtesy of Colette, Paris and vinylabuse


Check out Tomoko Sawada’s exhibition at Colette in Paris November 3-29, 2008. Photos of the artist in the Harajuku style are on display. When I went to Japan for my honeymoon 5 years ago, I knew this look would take a while to catch on in the US. But , I guess it’s starting to trickle over here, finally. I have a few pieces by Shirley Temple Cute and Milk that I have been wearing here in the States and I feel like people don’t understand this look. I guess because it looks childish. But you know what , Fupe them! I love it! By the way, if you like Japanese style and  you’re in Culver City, CA- Check out a cafè called Royal-T.


Photo courtesy of Colette, Paris


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