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Valentine’s Day is here and I thought I’d share some cool Valentine’s picks I found on Etsy. I love those old-timey Valentine’s cards with the cute woodland creatures and such wishing so and so a Happy Valentine’s Day. Do you think creatures know what Valentine’s is? In my world, they do. The miniature house that looks like a pink unicorn barfed glitter upon it is especially cute. I would get that to house my be@rbricks. You can never do wrong with Marie Antoinette gift tags/cards! The cupcakes are also from Esty- I had no idea you could sell food on Etsy. Maybe I should start selling breastmilk on Etsy. Or cheese made from breastmilk. That’s really artisan and local if you ask me. And lastly, heart-shaped crayons for your little one! (or big one!) They also do other shapes of crayons worth looking into.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with chocolates, flowers, cuddly bears, cats, more chocolates, champagne, sex, chocolate, and a terrible romantic comedy.

photos: Etsy

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Los Angeles -based Beat Up Creations just knows what the public wants- vintage china plates with Gizmo right in the center! This makes tea time such a treat with a bear-faced Marie Antoinette staring back at you through a scatter of scone crumbs! *Swoon*! My favorite has to be the Elizabethan ET or the cat in uniform. Hell! They’re ALL my favorite. Beat Up Creations also does zombie portraits, so make sure to check out their Etsy store. There were seriously too many to post, but they ALL are just lovely and kitschy! Aaaaaand , they are all upcycled. Brilliant work!

photos : Beat Up Creations

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Takashi Murakami took over the Palace of Versaille on September 15th with his collection of superflat art. This is something I would have dreamed of after watching Marie Antoinette and stuffing my face with Harajuku crepes. Seriously, though- this is friggin’AWESOME!!!!! It’s like the ultimate high-end punk statement if ever there was one. I think the last royal family of France would have love love loved the idea of colorful, cartoony art sprinkling the palace grounds. If I were Marie Antoinette, I would walk around the palace in one of the fancy outfits and ogle at each piece as I nibbled on cupcakes. I’d even touch the artwork because I would be the damn queen. Then, I’d have some poor fool paint me with Kaikai Kiki. Mr. Marmar would object with a guttural meow and then we’d add him to the painting. Wait. This may have happened in another life time. Here’s the painting to prove it:

That’s me as Marie Antoinette and my cats as painted by a Bob Ross clone. And yes, those are “happy trees”. HAHHAHAHHAHA!

photos: Hypebeast

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I was strolling around the new Santa Monica Place Mall that just re-opened a few weeks ago and came across these fine dames. At first I thought it was your usual botox/silicone/ vinyl/whatever -else- that -is- in- the- plastic -category  typical LA women. However, I was half mistaken ( they weren’t moving)- it was a series of mannequins done up by the Santa Monica Mannequin Collective! Overjoyed, I ran over and took photos with my iPhone (totally forgot to throw my regular camera in my pocketbook-so, sorry for the bad quality). Each of the 100 mannequins was re-imagined by local artists and designers. My favorite is the Pippi Longstocking mannequin by Lululemon Athletics. Obviously they had me in mind when they made that. (Well, a drag version of me if I were a man-who has broad shoulders like that? Okay, maybe not me.) Anyway, Ed Hardy did one by basically shatting on Marie Antoinette. She’s rolling in her grave, as we speak. Madame Antoinette is covered in tattoos and in a tawdry dress. Oh, the Humanity!! But it’s all for a good cause to benefit Otis College of Art and Design ( what about Hall?)

Now I’m gonna have Netflix Mannequin with pre-SATC Kim Catrall.

photos: moi

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This is the brilliant work of Andrea Kett who has designed for clients like Lulu Guinness. Pretty, dainty, humorous and wicked at the same time, Kett’s work is just what I need to hang throughout my home. Check out her Etsy shop if you want to order some prints for you or that special girly vixen in your life. I can’t stop looking at these. Each piece is equally gorgeous and glamorous beckoning to the 1950s! I wish I could just plaster my walls with all of them!

photos: Andrea Kett

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Dior’s Fall 2009 Couture Collection echoed a better era for fashion (in my opinion)- The 1950s. In the 50s, clothes were more feminine and had a an innocent edge to it and impeccable quality that today’s mass produced clothes cannot compete with. Also the silhouette, was perfect for any body type. Luckily, with the few fashion houses that still create the dying art of couture, the spirit of the early decades can still be created with same grace as previous decades, only with a much higher price tag. In this collection, the undergarment was the repeated theme throughout. The hidden foundation is what makes the outfit sit well, but with true John Galliano misfit style, the foundation became the center of attention. How fitting.


HAPPY BASTILLE DAY!! Eat Cake and celebrate French independence from extravagant Royals! (Even though Marie Antoinette was true style icon!)

photos: Style, Befeedme

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Barneys NY and Christian Louboutin teamed up to make these incredibly heinous high heel. What’s even more awful is the price tag at $1,000.  This looks like something  my preschooler son would make during arts and crafts at school. On the flip side, the shoes below are awesome!


These are a limited edition Christian Louboutin  Marie- Antoinette heels  with French embroidery house, Lesage. They cost $6,295 and yes, could pay for a mortgage or two  or three…..I love the head on the strap- how ironic… It just needs a red blood stain around the neck! And the ship…..awesome! By the way, I had a custom Marie-Antoinette skirt made for me  by the talented LilliaRose on Etsy. Check it out here. Bloody neck and all! Twolia also has a craft store. Check that out as well!


photos: Fashion indie

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Check out these wigs from costume designer Kate Cusak! The last photo is an ‘I do’ wig. I know of only one crazy bride that would wear this and she’s a he- Lady Bunny! These are super cool for Halloween, Bastille Day, Bar Mitzvah’s, Proms, Gay Pride Parades and of course, weddings…These remind me of a Marie Antoinette wig that I bought from Ricky’s Beauty Supply that was a grey-ish- white in the front , but then you turned it to the back it was all Rainbow! Obviously, it was for a tranny , but I saw it’s potential as a wig for a young lady like myself. So, I went ahead and bought it and spray painted the back of it with white spray paint. It took a month to dry. It still doesn’t look right, so when I wear it I just keep my back to the wall. Ahhh, the things I do for fashion..

photos: kate cusak

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