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British designer,  Ryan McElhinney , made this Grandfather clock that chimes every 15 minutes for a client in Dubai. All I can picture is some oil sheik playing with He-man and Skeletor figurines while a harem of ladies are rolling their eyes and snapping their gum. Anyway, this masterpiece is covered in white  (I’m surprised it’s not in gold) paint and takes six weeks to make. Check out Ryan’s site for more cool stuff he made with toys, including a floor lamp and picture frame. If I had some cash to burn, I would have him make a naked Barbie grandfather clock in pink. That would be stellar!!

photos: Kronickle

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If you admire The Crypt Keeper’s hands, you too can have that look…. for $27,000 ! It’s a a bracelet by Italian jewelry designer,  Delfina Delettrez . This has a Ruby stone on it that could pass for a boil. I love it anyway! This reminds me of Skeletor in a big way. In case you have forgotten, Skeletor is the arch-enemy of He-man in the comic/cartoon of  Masters of the Universe. I know, you’re thinking ‘she seems to be more Jem than Masters of the Universe!’ Anyway, I would totally wear this to an orthopedic surgeons shindig.

photos: Delfina Delettrez

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