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This is definitely on my Christmas list! It’s an iPod/ iPhone dock speaker system in a steroid-size Be@rbrick. It comes in white or black  (no Pink?) and retails for about $180. If I get one, I will certainly bedazzle the hell out of it- like make it look all diamante and stuff.

Also, to get into the holiday spirit, check out these 400% Nutcracker Be@rbrick by Dr. Romanelli x Medicom Toy. This retails for about $88, which is sort of a bargain seeing it’s very large one. Brilliant work, I say!

photos: Hypebeast

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The  Series 20 Be@rbricks are here! LOVE the Ewok! I like to take Be@rbricks and make an ‘environment ‘ for them under those dome scientific glasses. Here’s one:

Don’t ask me what inspired me. Let’s just say I walked around aimlessly at a Michael’s one afternoon. If you notice, the red Be@rbrick has a Soviet flag on it, which is really rare. I had to track that bad boy down on ebay. The white and green trophy at the bottom was actually found in a Roi de Gateau during one Christmas. I almost broke my tooth on that damn thing. And so , there it is. You can see more of my madness on my etsy shop.

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 Check out the  newest member of the OriginalFake Be@rbrick family  by KAWS called Dissected Be@rbrick in 100%, 400% and 1000%. This is the fourth set of Be@rbricks designed by Kaws for Medicom Toy. See the insides of the Be@rbrick and realize he’s built just like you and me (intestines, heart, lungs and everything!) Dazzling!  Don’t miss the Be@rbrick Daft Punk Alive, this time in a 400% version. Sold in pairs, Daft Punk looks sharp in clothes by Heide Slimane. I have a Be@rbrick collection, and the Dissected Be@rbrick is sure to be my next purchase- reminds me of BodyWorlds, but with a be@rbrick! Yay!

photos: Colette

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