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Two fashion things I hate in this world  (except for scrunchies and UGG boots) are sweatpants and khakis. Alexander Wang had a personal vendetta to make me cringe and vomit  when he designed his Spring 2010 collection. Why do I dislike these two hideously, inferior fabrics, you ask?

-Khaki’s remind me of frat boys wearing khaki’s. They also remind me of safari wear, which in turn reminds me of the movie,   Out of Africa and further spurs my memory to the time when  I was 7 and was forced to see this movie in a theater with my family. That was one expensive and uncomfortable nap. Scarred!

– Sweatpants reminds me of my tween, tomboy stage where I wore yellow Benetton sweatpants endlessly. It matched the family car- a yellow Toyota ( nefariously nicknamed the ‘Bina-Banana mobile’). Scarred, once again!

Stop this insanity!! Serenity now.

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