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Artist Erika Simmons latest work is called “Ghost in the Machine” and that is exactly what it is. The ‘machine’ of the cassette tape is transformed into iconic, mostly dead (‘ghost’), legends using the innards of the cassette tape. That is pretty clever and steps up to a new level of awesomeness. She also uses old movie reels to recreate movie legends like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. I remember when I was a kid (by kid , I mean last week) I used to dissect the inside of a cassette tape and make ‘facial hair’ (and other hair) and act a fool. Basically, all those Color Me Badd tapes, Martika tapes and Bell Biv DeVoe tapes took on a new life as strings of beard, mustache and arm pit ‘hair’. At least for a few minutes. Anyway, at least Erika is putting it to good use. I wonder if she has a Prince one… that would be rad in my dining room.

photos: Erika Simmons

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Marie Cramer, a recent graduate at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp designed these magnificent works of art  called,  “Like a Painting”. Beautiful, sumptuous fabrics (sort of like the curtains at a Four Seasons Hotel) formed egg shapes like the ones carried on each models’ head. Faberge Eggs have a special place in my heart. I once bought a set of three Faberge -style eggs from a store in NYC that reminds me of that store in Vegas where Michael Jackson would go in and say, ‘You whoooooo..” Anyway, I used two of those Faberge-style eggs during the ceremony to hold our wedding rings on our wedding day. It was pretty damn special, if you ask me. So, I adore this collection and only wish it was socially acceptable to walk around with an egg on your head and not look foolish. Because I would do it everyday with these egg hats! I loves it!

photos: fashion 156

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These bust pendants are by Nous Sommes. Whose bust is this? Only the imitable Karl the Kaiser!… and Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga…I kind of find it hilarious that Karl the Kaiser would wear his own pendant. That’s like the most egotistical thing to do ever. He IS Karl the Kaiser , though. Recently, I was observing my cat, Mr. Marmar and pondered why I am so infatuated with him. I found he behaves similarly to Karl Lagerfeld. Here’s the breakdown:

Mr. Marmar is always calm, cool and collected. So is Karl.

Mr. MarMar doesn’t give a f*ck. So doesn’t Karl.

Mr. MarMar likes to luxuriate on a Baroque-roccoco sofa in the afternoon sun. Karl likes that, too.

Mr. Marmar is picky about his food. Karl only drinks Diet Coke, which makes him picky.

Mr. Marmar is the top kitty in the house- what he says goes. Same goes for Karl.

They both have white manes.

So basically, Karl Lagerfeld is similar to my white, fluffy Persian cat. (I know, I need to get new photos of Mr. Marmar!) I need to get a Mr. Marmar pendant made.

Mr. Marmar

photos: Refinery 29

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Okay. I know Comme des Garçon has fupe designs to begin with, so I’ve already factored that into my expectations. But, this looks like something I would’ve put together when was really bored in my dad’s closet…. when I was 9.  The only one I would wear without shame would be the first photo of the ‘nightgown trench coat’. I actually like that because since I like to ‘pull Michael Jacksons (RIP)‘ (wearing pajama’s in public with an over-coat over it and pretend nobody sees the bottom of my pajama pants) this would be perfect. Yes, I dress dreadfully when I become lazy. Moving on, the face on the last model says it all- ‘I hope the shadow from this FUG wig covers my face so no one knows it’s me’.

photos: Style

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Before I say anything, this chick is super- talented! She has a blog about fashion and food called Luxirare and it exactly proves that talent carries into any forum, whether it’s food, fashion or interior design or even, simply, cleaning a toilet.  Anyway, she made a jacket paying homage to Michael Jackson and his greatest hits. She stamped (by hand) each of MJ’s songs on leather bands and affixed then to a lavender jacket for a look that even MJ would approve. Check out her blog for a precisely perfect recipe for ‘Lollipop -pies’ and ‘chips’. With beautiful photography and amazingly exact recounts of the steps she took to produce her art,  one cannot help but admire her unique methods to create her world that is Luxirare.

photos: Luxirare

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foundling foundling2 foundling4

It looks like designer James Piatt went ahead and made a handbag that scares the hell out of me. Okay, so this is a handbag of a ‘abandoned’ baby with interchangeable ankle tags that each represent a celebrity baby. At fist look, I thought the mouth was a baby crying , but I guess it’s a binky? And the square hunchback on the baby is unsettling. Moving on, here is a run down of the celebrity ankle tags:

-A pack of cigarettes for Britney Spear’s kids

-A water well for Baby Jessica

-An open window for Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael II

-An airplane for Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

Here are my suggestions for Piatt if he wants to expand the tag collection:

– An octopus for the OctoMom

-A globe for Angelina Jolie’s kids

-A spaceship for Suri Cruise

-A Kabbalah string for Madonna’s kids

A pair of mink eyelashes for Jennifer Lopez’s  kids

The more I look at this handbag, the more I want to hide and pull the sheets over my face. Click here to see more of James Piatt’s fupe purses including a ‘cat on a stick’.

photos: Trend de La Creme

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So, start retweeting my posts- for the love of an un-fug couch.

Bonne Chance!

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After 22 years of designing, Christian Lacroix is closing its legendary design house. That sucks. Apparently, the slumping economy is to blame. I think everything is the economy’s fault. I think the endless rain in the East Coast is the economy! I think polar bears becoming cannibals are the economy’s fault. I think my cat’s spinal cord injury is because of the damn economy! The economy killed Michael Jackson! I’m getting off track, BUT if you see the economy, smack him in the face for me. I’ll stop. Anyway, wipe away your tears, because it seems like Lacroix may be making a comeback probably after the economy is done crapping on everyone! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and give the economy a laxative to just let it bottom out (no pun) faster. Sorry for the imagery.  By the way, his last wedding dress was spectacular! Long live Lacroix!

photos: Style

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jccastelbajac-1125-aw10-pw-200903101944595378869_base jccastelbajac-1113-aw10-pw-2009031019453150541_base jccastelbajac-1138-aw10-pw-20090310194421669018_base jccastelbajac-1149-aw10-pw-20090310194356619824_base 39


Jean-charles de Castelbajac  has just jumped to the top of my favorite designers list. Anyone who immortalizes (were they ever mortal to begin with?) the Muppets through fashion can make any fashion faux pas and be forever immune to my snappy words. I find it HILARIOUS that a French designer went to town with Kermit the Frog. You know he was thinking of the ‘All you can Mange’ Frog legs at Bistro Romaine! I would totally wear that, by the way. I wish the Men’s Muppet suit would come in a size Toddler 4. My son would rock it everyday- top hat and all…

That Michael Jackson dress should come in, like, the 8 different stages of MJ. This would be the first and of course it would proceed as a lighter and lighter and more fuped MJ. The last one would have an umbrella hat , like at Alexander McQueen (see below) and Pajamas. 

PS- If you want your very own customized muppet, visit FAO Shwartz’s The Muppet Workshop– Fun Stuff!

photos: Fashinfags

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I just came back from NYC and it was dang cold! I wish I had this on hand to wear around because it was THAT cold! I would look like I work for Hazmat , but that’s kind of cool and elite since I’ve never met anyone that worked for Hazmat. I sound like Zoolander- sorry… so, the designer of these ‘sleeping bags’ or ‘snow suits’ is Lippi Selk. Now that I look at it, it looks so Ewokish! I LIKE that! Ewoks are so cute. I like that you can wear pajamas underneath and no one would know it. I pull ‘Michael Jackson’s’ all the time. A ‘Michael Jackson’ is when you wear your PJ’s underneath a big overcoat and go out in public to run errands and the such. What?

photos: sub studio

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