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The  Series 20 Be@rbricks are here! LOVE the Ewok! I like to take Be@rbricks and make an ‘environment ‘ for them under those dome scientific glasses. Here’s one:

Don’t ask me what inspired me. Let’s just say I walked around aimlessly at a Michael’s one afternoon. If you notice, the red Be@rbrick has a Soviet flag on it, which is really rare. I had to track that bad boy down on ebay. The white and green trophy at the bottom was actually found in a Roi de Gateau during one Christmas. I almost broke my tooth on that damn thing. And so , there it is. You can see more of my madness on my etsy shop.

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Get Simply Spray! My loveseat was white with a touch of  cat piss here and there and I decided to something about it. Since I am terrible at re-upholstering and also lazy, I decided a spray paint would fit into my schedule. As you can see above, the afternoon of crafts was well worth it! I used about 4 cans of Simply Spray-Poppy Red fabric paint ( apparently, there is one specific for upholstery, but I accidentally used the one for apparel- still came out good!) to do the entire loveseat. It only took me an hour (barely) and dried within a couple hours! I was afraid the red would be like Chinese restaurant red, but it actually came out pink! Pink is my favorite! You’d think the fabric becomes stiff, but it doesn’t. I also went ahead and spray painted the wood gold ( paint for wood) because I’m tacky like that. I am very pleased with the outcome and recommend Simply Spray … I’m going to play around with the other colors for apparel and let you know what kind of fupeness I can come up with. Stay tuned.

Check out Simply Spray’s site– Available at Michael’s and other craft stores.

And…It’s the ONLY non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric paints! That’s cool.

**Simply Spray/Teacups & Couture Giveaway Contest**

The person with the most  retweets (twitter)  of  ANY of my posts (see green retweet button below) between now and September 4 (midnight PST) wins a 6-pack of Simply Spray Black Upholstery Spray. That’s enough to cover the fugliest couch that ever was!

How can I tell who retweeted my posts? Because I’m a hot bitch that knows all. No, because I can see it on the retweet thingy. Once the winner is determined, I will tweet you a message for an address on September 6. I will also announce the winner on September 7th on this blog.

So, start retweeting my posts- for the love of an un-fug couch.

Bonne Chance!

photos:  Moi!

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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture Collection was very innovative! Who wouldn’t want alligator overalls to get down and dirty in? I bet paint just rolls off like beads of water off a newly scotch guarded couch. No, kidding aside- Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my most favorite designers of all time. Thierry Mugler is on the list , too, which I think was an influence on Gaultier,  which is apparent in the two 3-dimensional  bodysuits above. Lady Gaga must be trying to whip this up on a Michael’s budget with aluminum foil and an orgami kit. By the way, is Jean Paul mowing down a Klondike Bar? I wonder what he would do for a Klondike Bar? He would  probably sing his international smash hit , ‘How to do zat!’ . I have the single on tape. I need to transfer that to my iPod for my listening and ‘making fun of’ pleasure.

photos: Style

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Um , yeah. These are Uterus and Fallopian Tube underwear made  by someone on Craftster. So, if you’re itching (yeast infection, ie. “Baking bread” ) for a pair, you’re gonna have to make them yourself with puff paint. I have to say I would actually wear this.I would take an  afternoon trip to Michael’s and  I would make a pair with the Fallopian tubes tied into a neat little bow, for those who are saving the world from their offsprings. I would do a variation with different undies with different stages of the Uterus, so you can give your partner a heads up on the PMS that may be around the corner. I’d customize the undies with a copper IUD, for those traveling with metal in their whoo-has. The possibilities are endless! That’s the crafty side of me- give me an idea and I run with it until it gets too creepy. Sometimes I don’t stop. Anyway, you get the idea. This reminds me of that song about the growing epidemic of Cameltoes called, ‘Cameltoe‘ from Fannypack. One line goes, ‘Her pants were creepin’ up the front, girl adjust yourself ,’cause I can see your Uterus!‘ That song’s a Classic!


photos: Craftster

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Olivier Theyskens’ last collection for Nina Ricci showed to be truly original. Theyskens made his models walk in precarious footing with skyhigh heels with no heel. A shaky balance in conjunction with suits and evening dresses dusted with glitter and  cut angular and spacey. Reminiscent of Thierry Mugler at times, this collection had a superhero vibe to it. The first photo looks like she walked through a gay pride parade and it stuck to her. I could totally redo that look with a trip to Michael’s and spray glue! Anyway, Oliver did some really cool designs for Nina Ricci over the years. I just hope his replacement will be as innovative as he was. 

photos: style 




photos: unforgotten cards

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