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Dayum! That’s a crap load of dog tags. Artist Do-Ho Suh made this work of serious art at The Rhode island School of Design (holla!)in 2001 for an assignment regarding his identity as a Korean on the US. So clever and poignant, hundreds of military dogs tags make up a kimono large enough for Andre Leon Talley. You know he would wear it and give the stank eye to anyone who stepped on it even though it’s like half a football field big.

Anyway, you can see this at the Seattle Art Museum on permanent display, so after your ass gets a Frappuccino, haul ass to this museum ’cause this is where it’s at.

Special thanks to my fancy brother for these fancy photos taken with his fancy camera!

photos: Babak Bina


Ring in the New Year for me with a cupcake, cat in the lap, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Special because I’ll already be in BED. After a certain age,  you just don’t give an eff. Stay safe and let’s hope our champagne is a little better than the usual Cold Duck brand!

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Before I say anything, that is some serious hair! I bet it feels cozy being under that hair, like when we made forts out of bedsheets draped over the couches, anchored by stuffed animals when we were four. My fort was fancy, though. I used pipe cleaners and play-dough as a makeshift chandelier. And I had my tortured Barbies as my ladies in waiting. Anyway…Junya Wantanbe is notorious for bringing on the fupe. Usually, when you enter fupe territory, you also enter FUG territory. However, this collection was more FUG than fupe. It looked like remnants of  costumes from Destiny Child’s ‘Survivor‘ video circa 2001- hair weave and all. Can you believe that was 10 years ago? I think it’s time I switched to Sanka and tapioca.

Happy April Fools!

april-fool-cat-1 This cat has no idea what I put in his water bowl, yet.

photos: Style

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ashesandempires ashesandempires2 ashesempire1

maide1 maide2maide3

Spats have made a comeback thanks to the Steampunk trend. Here are my 2 favorite Spat makers, Ashes & Empires ( the gothy ones) and  German designer, Maide (the Victorian ones). Spats are a great way to cover your cankle or disguise your fugliest shoes. I dig that. I was doing some intense research ( I googled ‘spats’) and found that they are still worn in the military around the world. I also found that molten metal pourers wear spats to keep the hot, liquid metal off their feet. My intense research also found that Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon wore them, as well. With those three pieces of information, there’s a joke in there somewhere… I just can’t find it right now.

photos: Kingdom of Style / Haute Macabre

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I didn’t realize that Beijing had a Fashion Week and don’t ask how I found this on New Jersey.com!

But, here are a few photos of communist chic…My favorite is the last photo of the Swan Lake costume. I wonder if you can get the Avian flu from that dress…. The other three ensembles truly have  military overtones – severe and even bondagey at times… I bet you could replicate those looks at Hot Topic if you really wanted. By the way, this is the Spring collection. Yeahhh…..

photo: New Jersery.com

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