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British designer J. Smith Esquire makes fantastic hats and accessories fit for the modern Victorian lady. Is that an oxymoron? Hmmmm… I’m especially digging the fur hats- it’s like a cat on your head- that’s always good in my universe. I also love the stained glass hat. Speaking of stained glass, here are some photos I took of the newly remodeled Limelight in NYC:

Stained glass is the best! It’s like a forever rainbow! (yes, I’ll always be a four year old at heart.)

Anyway, the that neck piece in the fourth photo is pretty killer! That’s a statement piece if ever there was one… Brilliant work, J!

photos: J. Smith Esquire

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Stephen Jones (above) , Piers Atkinson (below)


If you want a hat that really makes a statement, call on these two magnificent milliners, Stephen Jones and  Piers Atkinson. Each has their own unique sense of style- Jones with an elegant, vintage flair with a touch of quirk and  Atkinson with an outlandish, offbeat style that can be eccentric. Both are breathtaking, in my opinion, and deserve much success for their visionary take on covering a precarious, small space- the head. Having said that,  does this give me a license to put a nude Barbie on my head for the next soiree I attend? I think it does! Yessssss!

photos: Fashion 156

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These hats are so cool! They remind me of that video game , Q*bert . I would play the arcade game at Pizza Hut when I was a kid. I was easy to please- an individual cheese pizza (earned by the ‘Bookworm’  contest), a soda and Q*bert and I was  All Set! I know, I was such a Geek!  By the way, the Bookworm contest was a contest where whoever read the most books would earn a pizza once a week. Yes, my motivation was PIZZA! It got my ass to read , though. (I would just read the back covers.) OFF TRACK- sorry. Anyway, those models must have a crane in the back of their head to keep the hats up!  Gorgeous!

photos: coute que coute

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