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Christmas is just a few days away, so I thought I’d make it easier for you and compile a list of crap I’d like to see in my stocking. Seriously though, I have so much crap that if I get more crap, I’m not gonna have room anywhere to put the crap considering I’ve got so much crap already. I’ll translate that: I don’t need anything, a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa or splendid vacation will do. So here’s the list if I had the space….

1- A Bless USB (1 GB) made from a poor Mink’s tail. It kind of looks like a computer ate a mink or  a (gorgeous) cat and all that’s left is a tail. I seriously wish it still had the ass attached still just so I could say I have a ‘cat/mink ass USB’. Sweet.

2-A hissed off kitty necklace from ShanaLogic. He looks like an old-timey professor.

3-11-Inch “Bearbell” Be@rbrick from Japanese star, Chiaki. In case didn’t know , she’s the Japanese school-girl  in Kill Bill: Volume I . Chains are her accessory. Available at Kidrobot.

4- Swearing ring by Wendy Brandes. This way I can say what’s on my mind with a flash of the knuckles and a sneer. Everybody wins!

photos: ShanaLogicKidrobot, Kingdom of Style

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