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Australian designer Di$count are probably the punkiest punks that ever punked! Studded leather jackets- check! Jewelry that can pry out an eye- check! Hair that would make a clown weep- check! I love every bit of their work, especially their tongue-in-cheek take on high fashion-Note the faux Chanel lining in that snakeskin motorcycle jacket. Every piece of work of handmade and unique. So, the thousands of studs were, in fact, laid in the jacket my hand. Their poor fingertips are crying, as we speak. Suffering for fashion is so PUNK! Fuck, Yeah!!! Check out their site for more cool stuff!

*Mental Note*- wear fingertip rings next time I walk around sketchy downtown LA.

photos: Di$count

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Call your resident gimp because I just found the beautifullest winter ensemble- a head to toe knit mohawk suit! It’s by Sibling London and they also have the coolest knit sweaters that any serious punk rocker would swoon for. No seriously, I love these cool knitwear, especially the one with “PUNK” written like that Robert Indiana statue. This must be a Johnny Rotten sponsored show. Even though these are for men, I would totally wear it all “burning down the house” style…. except the girlfriend from hell sweater.. that would be completely inaccurate.

photos: Fashion 156

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The bizarro Mohawk is in! I wonder if you can latch on to the cable car overhead wires with that hair. Besides that, I love this Alexander McQueen collection. It has color, it has punk, it’s spacey and it’s still girly. The silhouettes are still feminine, while the fabrics are colorful and interesting without being FUG. Check out the hooves shoes below. Apparently , they’re 10 inches tall! I need those for when I go to the fun fair. I always get the shaft for the rollercoasters. My favorite is the blue ensemble in the first photo. My least favorite is the second photo with the diaper pants. I bet I ‘d still wear it anyway! I’d be in robo-mode and not smile the whole time wearing the outfit. And that’s how you freak people out.

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