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So, I recently took a trip back to NYC for my other other work and decided to take photos of the stuff I love in NYC. I went to the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA and was planning to take photos and video for you guys until some lady with the Bronx claws decided to stop me. Sorry, I tried, people. The first photo was all I could get. It was the weekend of the big blizzard which wasn’t actually that bad- but I didn’t have to drive , so maybe it was bad for everyone else? Duuno. Anyway, I always wanted to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Even though I’ve been to NYC 5, 460,197 times, the opportunity never came up- until now. I had to share with you the ‘Hell, yes’ building. There you go. The bakery above is Lady M– only the most deliscioussssss Mille Crepe is served there. It’s like 100 crepes stacked between a bevy of cream and then ‘creme bruleed’ on top- soooooo yum. I actually dream about this. And here’s a cheezy myspace -style photo of me taken my me to show you how I actually dress. Now it’s your turn to make fun of my outfit!

photos: moi

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The Museum of Modern Art is dedicating an entire exhibit of Tim Burton’s work for an entire 5 months! That means I (and any other Tim Burton fans) can prepare a trip to NYC just to see this momentous occasion! From Willy Wonka’s demented children ( my FAVORITE!) to the ‘Beetlejuice‘ striped scarf and art works, a lifetime of his work will be on display until April 26, 2010. Of course, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ will be released in March 2010 to add more excitement to the whole Tim Burton experience! What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie? Mine has got to be ‘Sweeney Todd‘ and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘.

photos: Hypebeast

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