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This laptop cover is as cool as the Snow White Skin for a Mac! It houses a MacBook Pro and MacBook in a hard leather bound faux book. This is perfect way to foil a robber in your house. Imagine an old-timey library with real books (what are those?) and this masterpiece amongst them. It may be the only ‘book’ you’ll ever read! It’s called a ‘Book Book’ and retails for about $79. I would get this, but I’m pretty happy with my Monster sleeve. I bet they’ll come out with one for the iPad (ugggh- awful name). This could be a steampunkers dream.

photos: Haute Macabre

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I am a huge fan of the sticky stuff you put on your iPhone or iPod to protect it. It maintains the devices sleekness, while protecting it from scratches and dings. They also come in a variety of cool designs. But my absolute favorite toy store, Kidrobot, just added LAPTOP stickies! I’ve been looking for that but the designs were super cheezy. At Kidrobot, artists like Dalek have unveiled their version of the stickies for your (and mine!) pleasure. Consider the above sold to moi! They cost about $30…. For extra super duper protection, visit Barry’s farm  for the most adorable fuzzy laptop bag ( I have one in Pink!)- the MONSTER!




photos: Kidrobot/ Barry’s farm

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