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Here is an old suit I found at a thrift store years ago. It’s yellow with white teeny tiny polka-dots and it’s a light cotton. Great summer suit. I thought the original buttons were lame, so I glued on candy cabochons to the buttons! They totally livened up the suit! The popsicle pins were originally cupcake toppers ( I ate the cupcakes) that I took and put a pin the back to make a brooch. Since finding shoes to match a yellow suit is a little tough, I took a pair of cheap heels and spray painted them with Simply Spray fabric spray in yellow and then I added ice cream cone cabochons to the bow. Voila! I’m ready for the Willy Wonka tour!

*By the way, sorry for the poor quality photos- I was on the lookout for bedbugs at my hotel in NYC. Seriously!

Above is a vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic dress that is half mannequin and half suit. I wore that for a series of interviews for ‘Machete’. The little mouse pin (moosh!) is actually nibbling on a Chanel symbol. It’s one of my prized possessions.

Below is my outfit for my interviews for Jackass 3D. I decided to take along my Kidrobot buddy, Munny by Tarina Tarantiono. Isn’t he cute!?!  *Excuse my messy messy bed.

Below is an extraordinary bathtub I saw in Soho in NYC. It was in a showroom and is made of little tiny sparkling gold mosaics! The water flows from the top of the heel. That is friggin’ Epic!!! I would not only take a bath in that, but I would move into that tub! I would be the old lady that lived in a shoe and was actually clean!

Anyway, I thought I’d share these random tidbits with you- It’s good to take a break from all the fashion week stuff! Whew!

photos: Moi

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Oslo designer Fam Irvoll is just my cup of tea! This fine lady (the ravishing fellow bottle -ginge above) names Alice in Wonderland, cakes, candies, cartoons and toys her inspiration for her wacky collections and 3D knitwear. Fam and I are cut from the same cloth! We could actually be twin sisters separated at birth!  Anyway, I am drooling over the 3D mouse sweater. It has an entourage of rats on the shoulder, sort of like Crispin Glover in Willard. That movie is my mantra, by the way. That and Ratatouille. What I love about this collection is that it’s so whimsical and cute! Lucky for me, she has an online store…

photos: Fam Irvoll

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Marc Jacob’s mouse flats celebrate a decade of decadence by collaboration with the artist , Kaws. These lmited edition (only 200 pairs in the world) can be found at Marc Jacobs boutiques, Colette in Paris and OriginalFake in Tokyo. I like them but I prefer the sketched Marc Jacobs mouse flats.  I got them in white. I had to get them because my nickname is  Moosh and  of course, Moosh  means ‘mouse’ or ‘cute’ in Farsi. So it was a purchase of necessity- yeah, that’s it….. 


Photos courtesy of Colette, Paris and vinylabuse


Check out Tomoko Sawada’s exhibition at Colette in Paris November 3-29, 2008. Photos of the artist in the Harajuku style are on display. When I went to Japan for my honeymoon 5 years ago, I knew this look would take a while to catch on in the US. But , I guess it’s starting to trickle over here, finally. I have a few pieces by Shirley Temple Cute and Milk that I have been wearing here in the States and I feel like people don’t understand this look. I guess because it looks childish. But you know what , Fupe them! I love it! By the way, if you like Japanese style and  you’re in Culver City, CA- Check out a cafè called Royal-T.


Photo courtesy of Colette, Paris


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