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I discovered works by Onch Movement at Los Angeles cosplay/art cafe, Royal T. Jewelry with a small slab of meat inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress at the MTV Music Awards are available as a bracelet or necklace. I personally wouldn’t wear this just because I think it’s sort of gross, but if you like the meat look, but don’t want to reek of rotten flesh, then this is for YOU! But if I had to wear it, I would wear it to a zoo, naturally. The crocodiles would shoot me  a “bitch, please” look. The California condors would be all like, “guuurrrl, did you NOT see ‘The Birds’?”. And the lions would be like, “Mmm, appetizer” (because I’m small and petite).

Anyway, I’d advise you not to wear this around a pitbull. Check out Onch Movement and their other stuff. I threw in a whipped cream and cherry ring for dessert.

photos: Onch Movement

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Since I was about 13, I had collected every issue of American Vogue until about five years ago when I had to move to the West coast from the East Coast. To save a huge amount of space, I cut out the pictures I liked and put them in scrapbooks for references for when I’m feeling creative and want to whip out my glue gun and rhinestones. Here are some of my favorite images that shaped my style throughout my teens. I used to recreate some of the looks on a vintage store/ thrift shop budget way before  Todd Oldham and Cindy Crawford of MTV’s House of Style made it cool. Let’s just say, I smelled like old lady ass most of the time. Here were some of my looks that I wore to high school:


SCARY , HUH!?  😉

photos: Moi!

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lara-stone-nun-2 lara-stone-nun-3

This looks looks like the porn version of The Sound of Music (or Sister Act, depending on your taste). Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Photographer Cedric Buchet shot this editorial for Paris Vogue featuring a nun with claws like a Guidette on MTV’s Jersey Shores. I’m totally guilty of having nails like that in a former lifetime. I took them off when I was classified as handicapped according to my brother. I couldn’t type or wipe my ass.  Anyway, this is why I LOVE Paris Vogue! One part effed-up, one part couture! That’s how I like my couture, by the way. Imagine this chick teaching you catechism. Hawt! And look- she’s wearing that voodoo skull of Dior in the fourth photo! So sinister. Nuns gone rogue!

photos: Refinery 29

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