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Etsy is one of my favorite sites to look for cool stuff, however, sometimes I run into effed up stuff like this. Luckily, that’s what my blog thrives on!  So, if you ever wanted Cabbage Patch Ear Muffs, here they are. They should make a Garbage Pail Kids version. I used to collect those cards when I was a kid. I would buy several at a time and shove all the gum in my mouth. My favorite card was Acne Amy and Peeled Paul. Yeah, I had issues as a child. Anyway, I thought this Glowing Fur Coat and Bra would be something I would wear in the 90’s to a rave. I mean, raves gave you a license to wear Muppet fur and be cool, right?? I threw in some  Tuxedo Candle Shoes and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Shoes. I thought you ‘d like that.

photos Etsy

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I know whenever Jean-Charles Castelbajac shows a collection, it’s sure to be fan-friggin’-tastic! I mean, a lego fashion show, Muppet-mania… what else can he do to win my childlike heart? BAMBI, wurd! My love for Bambi came around the time I started going potty by myself, but I still get a flutter in my tummy when I see the doe-eyed deer (did I just say deer twice?). Anyway, as you may know, anything involving a forest full of woodland creatures wins my vote! Especially, cartoony ones. Although the silver outfit above is also winning my heart. Having said that, I’m craving baked potatoes.

PS- Why doesn’t Style.com have any of Castelbajac’s collections online?? Seriously, they’d better RECOGNIZE!

photos: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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British designer Louise Gray marches to her own tune and I love it. Full of color, spunk and London street-style, her Fall 2010 collection went against the the other dreary and depressing collections shown at Fashion week. A little Muppet fur never hurt anyone (except muppets, I guess) and adds to the playful, fun collection. I personally would wear the fur overalls because :

a)it’s pink

b) it’s fluffy and cuddly

c) I feel like Animal is close to me

d) it’s pink

Also, It’s great to do some dusting in that outfit. I have a feeling my 4 year old would never let go of me if I wore that. I also predict those weird fetish people into mascots would also never let go of me. I may skip this look, after all.

photos: Style

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Jean-charles de Castelbajac  has just jumped to the top of my favorite designers list. Anyone who immortalizes (were they ever mortal to begin with?) the Muppets through fashion can make any fashion faux pas and be forever immune to my snappy words. I find it HILARIOUS that a French designer went to town with Kermit the Frog. You know he was thinking of the ‘All you can Mange’ Frog legs at Bistro Romaine! I would totally wear that, by the way. I wish the Men’s Muppet suit would come in a size Toddler 4. My son would rock it everyday- top hat and all…

That Michael Jackson dress should come in, like, the 8 different stages of MJ. This would be the first and of course it would proceed as a lighter and lighter and more fuped MJ. The last one would have an umbrella hat , like at Alexander McQueen (see below) and Pajamas. 

PS- If you want your very own customized muppet, visit FAO Shwartz’s The Muppet Workshop– Fun Stuff!

photos: Fashinfags

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