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Karl Lagerfeld’s  Fall 09′ accessories included headphones that look like they hurt and a helmet with built-in headphones and Ipod pocket. Even though that helmet has pearls and sparkles, it could still pass for one of those toddler safety helmets.  But , I would still wear them because Karl the Kaiser designed them . It’s a known fact that Karl has over 100 Ipods and ‘dreams to be a rapper’. That Krazy Karl!  He should just shut it and just design stuff.  I’m not sure, but is that helmet for the motorcycle? Isn’t that dangerous? You know, not hearing traffic and stuff?


photos: Style

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I am a HUGE fan of headphones, not earbuds, but headphones. I feel like earbuds make my ear icky and my ears make the earbuds icky. I can’t win. So, headphones are great because they cover your entire ear and makes it feel all snuggly. Anway, here are Hair Headphones from the Japanese line Limi Feu  Spring 2009 show by French designer Clement Dauvant. These are great for those bad hair days! Usually with a bad hair day, you don’t want to talk to people , so the headphones would work perfectly. Princess Leia would rock these if she was around now. She wouldn’t have to do her hair every friggin’ day. Also , she could use R2D2 as an ipod. I wonder if I can make a pair with my trusty glue gun. 

photos: Dazed Digital 

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