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Today will be the last update on this URL… however, hop on over to http://teacupsandcouture.com ! We  ( meaning : me + the voices in my head) have outgrown wordpress.com and are now under an independent server, but still under wordpress -I know, more confusing than a hairless cat. The only difference is that you don’t have to type “wordpress” in the URL anymore, so it works out well for us lazy typers!

So, in other words- update your links, your readers, (ie. bloglovin’, etc) and re-subscribe to the new site. I tried to import all the subscriptions, but it rejected like a drunk John Galliano at a Bar Mitzvah. Anywho, I’m trying to do this as smooth as possible for my dear readers, but it’s not working. So just re-subscribe to the new blog by clicking on the green email icon on the top-right corner of the new site . It will take you to a Feedburner page that lets you subscribe with just an email (you don’t have to have a Feedburner account). And Voila! My insanity will flood your inbox on a daily basis!

I will still keep this site up for archives , but the other site will be where it’s at. If you are another blog linking here, look for the post in the new site- chances are , it’s there. The new site allows for advertising ( inquire within!), but I promise you won’t see anything super annoying- I’m keeping the ads small and to the side and I’m going to focus on cool, independent online stores . Let’s just say, the ad revenues allow me to continue running the site and feed my cats ( I swear if they had thumbs, they’d take over the house and make me their bitch.) So work with me….





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