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Now I know what to do with my duvet that has cat piss stains on it -Dye it an inconspicuous grey-ish brown color and wrap it around me. This totally beats wearing pajamas in public. You can always count on Rick Owens to whip out the goth with a touch of WTF. The dramatic eye makeup reminds me of when I used to wear dramatic eye makeup at Newport Creamery. In case you have no idea what Newport Creamery is, basically it’s an ice cream parlor and diner in New England and yes, I was a waitress during my youth there. I used to scare customers (mostly elderly) with my makeup since we all had to wear uniforms. I had to channel my style through something! And so I chose my makeup. By the end of the shift, my eye makeup was smudged down my cheeks from the manual labor of scooping ice cream and greasy air. Anyway, there’s a duvet DIY in here somewhere!

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OMG! I used to wear my hair like this when I worked at Newport Creamery during my high school years! Except it was silver metal clips, so I totally looked like an android! Android serving ice cream and burgers! HAAHAHAHA! The funniest part was that I would work like the early bird shift, so all the elderly from the community nursing homes would conjugate at the restaurant and become frazzled by my head! Poor things, I probably gave them the ‘Android Night Terrors‘! I’m sure you’re asking why I would wear my hair like that occasionally. I was avoiding the hair net. 

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