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I was graciously invited to preview the fantastic jean company, Hudson Jeans, new lines of denim called DIY at The Colony nightclub in LA. I especially love the harem pants in the fourth photo. They were a jean material, but much softer than stiff. The zipper pants are pretty hot, too, although the zipper just an illusion. They don’t really come apart. I thought those would be ideal “all-you-can-eat buffet” pants since you could unzip as you get fatter at the buffet, but I was mistaken. The patchwork denim jeans in the fifth photo is actually made from vintage Hudson jeans, which makes it pretty damn special. I think my favorite is the corset laced jeans. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the jeans were sort of satin-y and nice to the touch. Definitely a cat magnet. That’s good news for cat ladies everywhere (including me!) Anyway, Hudson is also venturing into comfortable and chic tops such as the one above. It’s a wool jacket with an oversized lining that felt like “butta”. It was sooooooo soft. I wanted to curl up in it and purr. These pieces will be available at Barneys NY and Jeffrey. As always, Hudson’s other line is available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and chic boutiques.

photos: Moi

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Back when I was in high school and college, I used to skip school and go to NYC for the day. Sometimes I’d miss the last bus back home and I’d be stranded in NYC ( oh no!) until the early early morning bus. I would take full advantage and go nightclub hopping from Spa to the Limelight, etc…Sometimes I would seriously want to just sit down and take a nap and so I would- in a nightclub because I felt safer at a nightclub than the Port Authority. Anyway, one of these iconic nightclubs that I used to dance away, brush my teeth and nap at was The Limelight. Home slice got a makeover into a damn mall. Thankfully, It’s a mall more in the vain of Henri Bendel than Mall of America. Next time I’m back in NYC, I’m gonna have to relive my moments by going to every mini shop and retrace by steps… like that’s where I barfed, that’s where I passed out, that’s where I hid my fur coat so I could get into the club, that’s where I picked some guys pocket, etc. etc…. Funny how life changes.

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photos: Limelight Market Place

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