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At Graduate Fashion Week 2010,  Liesamarie Schulte designed these pieces that tinker on cool, yet strange… Besides the fact that the sheer flowered tunics resemble my aunt’s shower curtain, I think I like it. This collection is called ‘Holy Land’, which I can totally see. It’s like a chic nun’s outfit or an ironic burka. Anyway you cut it, it’s pretty damn fashion forward. Liesamarie is also the recipient of the  Isabella Blow Memorial Award a couple years ago, which awards about $8,000 to the craftiest designer that ever crafted (that’s still in school). I think those boots/Jesus shoes are a riot. It’s like the bizarro leggings from Lindsay Lohan’s legging collection- you know the one with the knee pads. The question is WWJW– What Would Jesus Wear? Something tells me Jesus would have rocked those boots in Nazareth.

PS- And what is in that box/backpack that homegirl is carrying??

photos: Style Bubble

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lara-stone-nun-2 lara-stone-nun-3

This looks looks like the porn version of The Sound of Music (or Sister Act, depending on your taste). Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Photographer Cedric Buchet shot this editorial for Paris Vogue featuring a nun with claws like a Guidette on MTV’s Jersey Shores. I’m totally guilty of having nails like that in a former lifetime. I took them off when I was classified as handicapped according to my brother. I couldn’t type or wipe my ass.  Anyway, this is why I LOVE Paris Vogue! One part effed-up, one part couture! That’s how I like my couture, by the way. Imagine this chick teaching you catechism. Hawt! And look- she’s wearing that voodoo skull of Dior in the fourth photo! So sinister. Nuns gone rogue!

photos: Refinery 29

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Nun-chic at Rick Owens


Nuns can be chic , too! Although the industrial booties remind me of when you go into a sterile lab you have to wear booties to keep from tracking  crap into the environment. Rick Owens obviously was watching ‘Agnes of God’ or ‘Sister Act’ when he dreamed up this collection. Maybe heaven is like a sterile lab and God makes you wear booties before you enter… My take on this collection is ‘WTF’?

photo: style

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