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That sounds like a laundry detergent commercial- Sunny and Clean! But, Julian louie’s Spring 2010 collection ( a tiny one) was just that. Apparently, it was inspired by the sunset seen while on a plane. I wish all planes rides  sounded that serene. In my experience, there’s a bitchy air waitress (stewardess (save your emails, I’m kidding!), the oaf behind you that pulls on your seat, the drooling old lady that keeps using your shoulder as a pillow and of course, the ubiquitous baby cry echoing through the cabin like you’re in a damn canyon.  I am so off track here that I’m getting lost. Anyway, my favorite has to be the trousers and clown collared shirt. It looks so romantic, yet 60’s beatnik with a flair for oompa loompas. I seriously love it.

photos: Style

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Spanish fashion designer Josep Font designed the first 4 photos for his 2009 Fall Haute Couture collection. I love this! I found this while perusing through Yahoo. The odd thing is that he’s not listed on Style.com. Anyway, it looks so oompa loompa- ish and Dr. Seuss- ish! You could so poke someone’s eye with just a shrug of the shoulders. I like that! These 2 photos above are from his past collections. I wish I had known of a talent like this before. The hats are brilliant!I think Josep is my new favorite designer. Check out his AWESOME site here. It is really an experience.

photos: Yahoo photos, Josep Font

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