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Beijing designer Xiao Li designed this capsule collection inspired by tin robots! Some of may know that I love love love robots and those vintage tin robots are the favorites. I have this tin robot that I attach to my handbag sometimes- it’s even named after me! Hahhaha. I cant’ hate on anything robot related, so I’ll go ahead and give this an A+++++. Even though the fourth photo looks like a busted diaphragm around her neck, I have to appreciate the craftsmanship. This collection reminds of when I would wear an empty hamper when I was kid. Boxy and smelling like sweaty socks. Those shoes are pretty rad if you’re into Bollywood and it’s totally a DIY- lumber jack boots, marbles (or gumballs, if you don’t mind ants), glue gun and you’re good to go.

PS- I did some research and could not find Xiao Li’s official website, but I did find this precious fluffball! Unless, she’s a fluffy panda bear with mad sewing skillz.

photos: Style Bubble

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POP Bakery in England better get their ass in gear to bring their goods over the pond because I’m salivating at the thought of eating a scrummy smurf’s head! Check out these brilliant cakes on a lollipop in the shape of Russian dolls, skulls, pandas and smurfs just to name a few. Lollipop cakes are pretty clever especially for messy eaters like myself and toddlers. I swear, if they put anything on a lollipop, I’ll eat it. Like lollipop rack of lamb, lollipop apple pies, chicken on bamboo lollipops…. it’s like easy to eat aaaand… it’s easy to eat. I guess I’m a lazy eater.  Anyway, check out POP Bakery if you are England or not- just looking at these masterpieces are pretty cool.

photos: POP Bakery

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Semk has designed pillow speakers that make you want to cuddle with your music. My personal favorite are the cupcake speakers. Imagine blaring some Rammstein out of those babies! Especially, the panda. That would be one aaaanngryyyyy panda needing anger management class. Actually, I’d probably really play this with Cinnamoroll on repeat on my TV. I’m gonna have to ditch my Bose speakers for these. I mean,  style before function, right? Check out Semk for other cool stuff, including an entire range of things in the shape of a rubber ducky. Ernie just pissed himself.

photos: Kingdom of Style, Semk

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I love love love Pandas. They’re furry, they’re cuddly, they’re cute and yes, they are super violent when provoked ( like this panda) ! I mean, they are a breed of bears. If you love pandas as much as I do, then you’ll flip over this new line of super-soft shirts, stuffed toys and stationary called Lil’ panda. It’s like a Hello Kitty, but a chill panda instead of a cat. Pandas have a special place in my heart. I think it’s their tubby stature and heavy eye makeup that appeals to me. Logically, Beth Ditto should appeal to me, but amazingly doesn’t. Remind me not to write every thought that crosses my brain. Anyway, check out  lil’ panda‘s site full of cute pandas and stuff!

photos: Felix, lil’ panda

*Thanks Lil’Panda for the goodies!

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These are my picks from Brooklyn store, Fred Flare, this month:


-A Hostess cupcake coin purse for the Hostess with the Mostest! 

-A gold retainer necklace to remind you of your nerdy days in High School.

-A tape roll full of Babushkas, just because.

-Panda ear buds for the violent , yet cuddly site of you.(and me)

-Tulip adapter cords to make all your electronic wires look purdy.

-A glass water bottle perfect for the dinner table. Just keep a mental note its glass, not plastic !


Most of these items are under $50. Except the gold retainer necklace- it’s slightly more.

photos: Fred Flare

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