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These are some amazing Paper Wigs by Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk of the Paper Cut Project based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are windows displays in the Jeffrey stores and The Hudson Bay Company in Toronto. Each one is so meticulously styled and is just beautiful! I would totally wear one on one those days where I’m in between dye jobs, if I could. Having red hair is such a pain in the arse sometimes.  This would go great with this paper dress or this paper dress. Wow- is all I can say!!

photos: Refinery 29

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Los Angeles- based artist Jeff Nishinaka must have paper cuts all over his hands like all the time! He created these art landscapes from PAPER! That is pretty impressive if you ask me. Creating art with paper is like baking a damn souffle. It’s so delicate that if one thing goes wrong the whole thing is ruined. The detail in Nishinaka’s work is incredible……down to the mane on the horse and busted face of the Sphinx. Next time we have arts and crafts at our house, maybe I’ll give Jeff a call. He’ll probably be like, ‘origami? That’s for babies!’ and then he’ll sashay away with a paper middle finger. Hahahah- I love making up fictional stories in my head!

photos: The Cool Hunter

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Sponsored by Coutts ( no, it’s not a nursing home– it’s a fancy bank in the UK) designer Louise Goldin made a dress entirely from paper for London Fashion Week. At first I thought maybe the office did a recycling program with scrap paper, but I was wrong. There are no numbers and graphs on the either side! Check out this video to see how it was done in case you want to polish up on your paper dress making. I have to say I love how the video is shot, as if invisible elves were constructing it. Such a gorgeous dress… too bad it rips if you move.

photos: fashion 156

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My hat goes off to German artist Simon Schubert. So precise, so orderly…. so German! I went to his website to read up on him, but it’s all in German. I only know “Das is mein stool” and “shizer”, so not very helpful. But, what is most impressive is the amount of patience it takes to create these paper creases. If it were me, I would just crumpled the paper up and throw it at someone after two minutes and go back to my iPhone. I must have some sort of ADD I need to look into. Anyway, this is fantastic stuff!

photos: Billionaire Boys Club

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These are so gorgeous! Except, they are not wearable because they are  all made completely from paper.  That takes a great deal of talent to make these creations. The best I can do is make a lousy boat. I also can make those Fortune Teller paper games. I used to play that constantly when I was a kid… I was trying to get my fortune and see how the hell I would end up. And so , here I am…still wondering what my fortune will be and how the hell I will end up. Some things never change.

Check out  Ndeur  Le Creativ Sweatshop for more cool paper art.

img_7741 img_73491 img_7385 blue03

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photos: Ndeur

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Japanese Brazilian designer Jum Nakao was featured in the  Paper Fashion exhibition at the MoMu in Antwerp with these brilliant creations made COMPLETELY out of paper. These are so gorgeous! But not really wearable. They look very Chanel, actually. Unfortunately, after the runway show, the models ripped off the designs shredding them to pieces. See the video below…

That’s just a shame, isn’t?! 

photos: Jum Nakao

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Karl Lagerfeld once again graced us with a fantastic couture show under the Chanel label. His inspirations this season was a clean sheet of paper translated into laser cut paper camelias and hats. The ensembles mimicked white paper shaped into boxy oragami shapes (especially in the shoulders). Are the clean white’s  a reference to the fall of excess bling (the economy) in the past? Lagerfeld expressed that it is  time for a new look- a classic, simple clean look free of the past excess of logos, glitz and other unnecessary distractions from the construction of the clothes itself. I think it’s about time, don’t you?

photos: Style

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