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This is some ah-maze-ing dresses by Amato Haute Couture . I have never heard of this designer until I saw this on Haute Macabre. Turns out they are out of Dubai and only do couture gowns, but really they need to move their ass to Paris and sign up (it’s like signing up for a badminton team, right?) to be part of Couture week there. I see some Gaultier and Givenchy in the dresses, but it’s still uniquely gorgeous. And nude is my new favorite color- It’s like only you’re lady parts are covered in jewels and the lace. I also like how the dangling baby makes for a sprinkle of madness. Anyway, I am totally going to keep Amato on my radar.

Photography by Tina Patni for Amato Haute Couture

photos: Haute Macabre

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Marchesa is one of my favorite designers. They focus on evening gowns and tend to be my favorite dresses whenever I watch an award show. Beautiful, yet modern- I cannot say this collection is innovative especially since I see bits of Givenchy. I do love it and think they are gorgeous, it’s just that the sheer, heavily-embroidered gowns have already been done recently. In any case, I can’t hate on Marchesa- after all, they are the ONLY American designers that would fit in comfortably at the  Paris Haute Couture shows and I respect that.

photos: Vogue

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The original French punk did it again! I have to say this collection was by far one of the best Gaultier collections I have seen in a long time. The fact that it’s Haute Couture makes it even more impressive because although some of his designs can be costume-y, these are actually wearable, yet unique. My fave is definitely the last photo with the can-can skirt. BRILLIANT! If I wore that I’d make an excuse to lift my skirt as much as possible. The fifth photo of the black and white striped organza dress is just perfect. Why can’t movie stars were this stuff on the red carpet instead of the ho-hum, safe, FUG  dress?? All these incredible dresses and they end up with the one uninspiring dress that every JCPenney can knockoff. Really. Anyway, Gaultier has absolutely regained his special place in my heart!

photos : Style

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First things first- Did John Galliano change is name to Monchichi Galliano because he looks straight up Monchichi. That hair! Kidding, how can I mock the genius known as John Galliano! He’s  done it again! Brilliant designs for Christian Dior’s Spring Couture  line with fabrics dyed to look like watercolors and cuts that are distinctly Dior. You can never fail with the classic 1950’s silhouette in my book. My favorite has to be the lemon-colored gown. Reminds me of that iconic Dior photo. I also love the dress in the 8th photo. So fluffy, so soft, so….  Mr. Marmar! Anywho, I think Dior takes the Haute Couture crown this season.

photos: Style

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Givenchy really is on a winning streak lately. The Spring 2011 Couture collection was only 10 looks long, but each one was a smash hit! With embroidery and detail work that took as long as 4,000 hours, Givenchy is setting a new standard of couture. I guess this is when creative meets OCD, which I totally  love ! I’m especially loving the mongo Viking hat that can fit several midgets in. Givenchy’s inspiration supposedly was Japanese Anime, which I kinda see and don’t see. I think after a few episodes of  Yu-Gi-Goh! ,everything starts looking manga-ish. I also like the smidge of neon/pastel color in the back. It’s like elegant  in the front and a rave in the back. I give this collection my stamp of approval courtesy of Miss Darcheen and her luscious lip licking.

That’s a damn honor right there!

photos: Style

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On a recent trip to Paris, I discovered this great chain of boutiques called La Chaise Longue. Unfortunately for me, this wonderful shop is only in France, but they do have a webshop. You can imagine the cost of shipping to the US. The one thing that I really loved and wanted was the mushroom table and stools. It would go perfect with my gnome-y atmosphere at home! But the shipping was pretty much equal to the cost of the set. Yikes! Here are my fave picks from this gem of a store:

1- Mushroom table set

2- High Heel Tea infuser

3-Reusable plastic tea infuser

4- Macaroon headphones

5-Telephone cuff links

6-Pastel knife set

Be sure to check out their cool site, La Chaise Longue.

photos: La Chaise Longue

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French designer Raphaelle H’limi uses fabrics to its fullest potential by experimenting with textures and folding. There’s that 3D trend again….  Those glasses are pretty hilarious. It’s like these frames I once made for my place with beads, rhinestones and anything that resembled candy. My favorite out of the bunch is the first photo- looks very Japanese. I bet I could recreate that with picnic napkins… maybe not. H’limi interned for Emilio Pucci and Christian Dior at one time. That’s pretty major. She’s definitely one to watch!

photos:  Ramzy Bentrad /Raphaelle H’limi

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