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So,  I have to show you my gnome outfit I wore recently to my interviews with Elton John, Emily Blunt and James McAvoy for Gnomeo & Juliet. The movie was adorable! As a huge fan of gnomes ( Exhibit A and Exhibit B), I had to go all out and spread to everyone my freakish love for gnomes. Don’t laugh, but everyone has a weakness- mine happens to be miniature bearded men in pointy hats with an affinity for gardening.

I am wearing a skirt by Made With Love By Hannah, shoes by Irregular Choice, shirt from the depths of my closet, and cardigan by Anthropologie. Lilly pad/ladybug hair clip from Patricia Field‘s circa when I still had a pager and Hair Rosettes by ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’ from PuppycatMeow.

By the way, I wish they made this in my size! By DollFace girls.

photos: moi, DollFace girls

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ClosetAudit.com is a new platform that allows the personal stylists at Urban Darling to perform wardrobe consultations online. To kick off the site launch, Urban Darling is hosting a video styling challenge. Men and women 18 or older are invited to submit a one-and-a-half minute video of themselves discussing their wardrobes; in turn, Urban Darling stylists will post video responses to the first 20 submissions. The selected 20 will also receive gift bags with items from companies such asBenefit Cosmetics, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Luna, among others. Contest details are available at www.ClosetAudit.com.”


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Rosette in my hair by Puppycatmeow on Etsy

So, I had to get dolled up for a few occasions and here are the pictures for proof. Usually, I sit around in a pair of stained PJ’s writing this classy blog. The first three photos were for my interviews for Twilight 3: Eclipse … I was trying to channel Nanny Fine from The Nanny with the Moschino belt from the 1990s. I put a rosette in my hair by Puppycatmeow on Etsy. The pink suit is actually a vintage store find from 20 years ago. I added some Chanel accessories to it to really give it that ‘uptown’ look which clashed with my ‘downtown’ hair. I like it when the ‘uptown’ and ‘downtown’ meet. I stole a picnic tablecloth and made that red gingham dress. Not really, I bought that ages ago! I pulled that rockabilly dress out for a recent trip to Mexico. Notice the mud flap girl necklace from Patricia Field’s. And lastly, I continued the gingham, but in lemon with this Nanette Lepore dress. I added the matching headscarf for a Eastern- European -country- girl -ready -to- go- apple-picking- in-her-vintage -bicycle. I think I nailed that look on the head. Ignore the Spongebob crocs in the back there….Voila!

photos: Moi

All styling, hair and makeup by me.

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Okay, I went digging again into the deep realm of the internet and came back with these just for you! Yes, you need to see the booby clogs to make your week complete. I have a feeling my five year old boy would LOVE those. He has a boob fascination. We don’t question it. Anyway, the ice cream heels are the only ones I think I would actually wear out of the bunch. It kind of looks like something Billionaire Boys Club would come out with. The meatballs and spaghetti heels are just nasty. I can picture Vito wearing those on an episode of the Sopranos- that’s if Patricia Field did their costumes. The motherboard heels are great for geeks, naturally. And the Lamborghini heels could belong to a cross dresser with a small peen. Just sayin’. I mean, a girl would not wear those and it’s a known fact that Lamborghini is Italian for “I have a small penis” , right??  Anyway, the black bulging shoe is just disturbing. It could very well accommodate ankle goiters (does that exist?) or something.

photos: If shoes could kill

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Vivienne Westwood just gave us a license to mismatch our outfits! Take that Fashion Police! For her Fall 2010 collection, she got back to her punk roots with plaids, kilts and crackhead hair. I love that. I also love the trompe l’oeil boobs in the first photo. Perfect for the ladies with mosquito bites but don’t wanna put fun bags under their skin. In all seriousness (yes, I can get serial!), this is what I (try to) dress like everyday damn day- the ‘high-end punk’ look. You know, the glamourous lady that could eff you up in a back alley with a pair of rhinestoned brass knuckles from Patricia Field’s if need be. Viv is back! Hurray!

photos: Style

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bazaar-beauty yacht dsc02135 bow_cuff_view1_thumb

Check out these cool shirts and accessories from Trash & Luxury. Designer Hushi Mortezaie (from Michael & Hushi) has injected his avant-guarde, pop culture  style into wearable t-shirts that are cut brilliantly and feel incredibly soft and luxurious.  For days that call for a simple t-shirt, but still want to make a fashion statement, this is it. This affordable, fashion- forward line is available at Kitson, Patricia Field and other trendy stores across the US. Check out their charming accessories, too!

photos: Trash & Luxury

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6a00e5508e95a9883301157107b42c970c-640wi env_clutch_detail

Air mail Couture is my new favorite obsession! These are no ordinary envelopes! These are those old school  special air mail envelopes that I remember my mom getting letters from Iran in.  I already have the envelope clutch from a recent trip to Patricia Field’s in NYC. It was one of those things where I saw it and then I grabbed…. and then I bought it.  No thought required.  The dress above is the Par Avion Dress from Daydream Nation for their Fall 2009 collection. Wouldn’t these just go along so wonderfully? My mission is get that dress somehow, someway. Unfortunately, Daydream Nation does not have a list of retailers or an online shop. So, I will be on the hunt meanwhile. That way I can walk into a post office and make that irate postal worker smile just once.

photos: Style Bubble , Patricia Field’s

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Gwendolyn Huskens has designed shoes resembling medical shoes and prosthetics. I think they are damn cool! These ones are made of synthetic plaster, bandages and  stainless steel. I personally love the thigh high boots! I love when fashion mingles with usually un-fashionable things. I bought this prosthetic looking arm bracelet from Patricia Field’s about 8 yeas ago. It is nude colored and it has a corset like ribbon up the side of it. Every time I wear it, people think I broke my arm! I find it hysterical… but then again I’m evil. When  broke my ankle a few years ago, I had a hot pink cast put on and then I drew on a corset like lacing on the front of the foot and leg. It was rad! But having broken bones truly sucks. My ankle still aches when it’s cold or rainy out.  


photo: twenty1f

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