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Claire Michel, a student at The Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, unveiled these designs for a project. I did some heavy duty research ( I googled her ass) and found that there are over 7 million results for ‘Claire Michel’. So, naturally, I said eff this. I don’t know much about her, but her work stands for itself- Part deranged, part pre-school craft projects, part hoodie. This pretty much what I wear when I have to brave it and clean the toilets. I mean, you don’t want all those germs up in your face. I do like the ombre sneakers , though. At least this isn’t as bad as this dude’s collection.

photos: Fashion 156

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German designerPatrick Mohr vomited out another collection worthy of the ‘WTF?’ label. I mean, this is pretty minimalistic compared to his last show. He might as well had his model call at the meth clinic next to the Port Authority on 8th Ave. Seriously, I’ve come across folks looking like this in the wee hours of the night on a Bonanza bus headed north. Usually, they start talking to themselves and then it becomes a one-man show like , The Vagina Monologues. Entertaining, actually. Anywho-(ha), I’m trying to focus on the clothes and not the makeup and it still spells F.U.G to me. Whoever’s financing this dude must be blind.

photos: dlisted

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German (but, of course)  designer Patrick Mohr showed his Fall 2010 collection in Berlin and was clearly inspired by ‘roidy characters, clowns, bunnies, and the all-weather fabrics at Home Depot. Seriously, Pat must be ragged on so bad because of this ‘collection’.  Yeah, a ‘collection’ of sketchy characters. I tried to find more info on Pat, but dude is pretty much MIA on the internet. I guess he’s hiding out after this one. Anyway, he’s probably a kagillionaire  that likes to boggle the mind from time to time with crap like this. He’s probably giggling at the audience’s reaction during the show while he sips Perrier backstage. This could very well be the biggest prank in Berlin!

Here is his Spring 2010 collection below. Not as fupe as this one, but pretty much up there…

photos : Hollywood Rag

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