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These bust pendants are by Nous Sommes. Whose bust is this? Only the imitable Karl the Kaiser!… and Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga…I kind of find it hilarious that Karl the Kaiser would wear his own pendant. That’s like the most egotistical thing to do ever. He IS Karl the Kaiser , though. Recently, I was observing my cat, Mr. Marmar and pondered why I am so infatuated with him. I found he behaves similarly to Karl Lagerfeld. Here’s the breakdown:

Mr. Marmar is always calm, cool and collected. So is Karl.

Mr. MarMar doesn’t give a f*ck. So doesn’t Karl.

Mr. MarMar likes to luxuriate on a Baroque-roccoco sofa in the afternoon sun. Karl likes that, too.

Mr. Marmar is picky about his food. Karl only drinks Diet Coke, which makes him picky.

Mr. Marmar is the top kitty in the house- what he says goes. Same goes for Karl.

They both have white manes.

So basically, Karl Lagerfeld is similar to my white, fluffy Persian cat. (I know, I need to get new photos of Mr. Marmar!) I need to get a Mr. Marmar pendant made.

Mr. Marmar

photos: Refinery 29

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spragwerks teef-clbutcher_p

I came across a site called Spragwerks with all sorts of ‘Tools of the Trade’ cufflinks, jewelry, belts.. you name it! You may ask, ‘What trade are these tools from?” , right? Just nod your head. The trade, my pretty, is butchering something up! Butcher knives, hypodermic needles, bonesaws, yankers, etc. make up the line known as ‘Torture Devices’. I’m a little torn, because if I like it, I’m deemed a psychotic, serial killer weirdo. And if I don’t like it, I find myself boooorrrrring. All I know is if my dentist wore those teeth cufflinks, I would run out the door and hide under my bed for a few days. This would be perfect for that bony ho in Saw…. or a serial killer mouse.

photos: Haute Macabre

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