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Freeland Studios on Etsy make these fabulous old style phones compatible to an iPhone called the iRetrofone. Retailing at about $200, these relics of the past turned modern would make any retro-phile a happy lady or gent. I can imagine Don Draper cursing out people on the line while scrolling for porn on the iPhone simultaneously. Seriously, this is actually a great phone since the whole cancer thing is revisited. Eating popcorn also makes me think of this video. So, as soon as I scrounge up some money, I think I will order a pink iRetrofone just so I can feel like a 1950’s sexatary whilst saving brain cells! Of course, Mr. Marmar would be in my lap as I plan to take over the world! Muahahahahah!

photos:Freeland Studios

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You know things are effed up when you need to look at your phone to check out a chick standing across from you. I guess this would be like porn in certain parts of the world. But, some German dude came up with a digitally-enabled burqa using bluetooth technology to let others with the same technology in their phone to see the burqa-wearer. It’s called the “CharmingBurka”. But the lady does have the option to choose what to broadcast, either a photo, sound clip or cartoon or a text file. I would totally use text file, you can guess what I would say….by the way, electronic- flirting is not breaking any Islamic law. So flirt away, ladies!

photo: twenty1f

I thought this photo was funny- Marilyn Monroe Burqa..

photo: popgloss

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