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Semk has designed pillow speakers that make you want to cuddle with your music. My personal favorite are the cupcake speakers. Imagine blaring some Rammstein out of those babies! Especially, the panda. That would be one aaaanngryyyyy panda needing anger management class. Actually, I’d probably really play this with Cinnamoroll on repeat on my TV. I’m gonna have to ditch my Bose speakers for these. I mean,  style before function, right? Check out Semk for other cool stuff, including an entire range of things in the shape of a rubber ducky. Ernie just pissed himself.

photos: Kingdom of Style, Semk

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Here’s a round up of cool stuff for under $25 for Valentine’s Day from Brooklyn boutique, Fred Flare. I thought $25 is the bare minimum your boyfriend should spend if he’s expecting some sort of action Sunday night. Seriously… no excuses.

1) Lips bandages- give that boo boo a kiss!

2)Heart necklace and Key  – so junior high…. I  love it.

3) Heart ring filled with sprinkles (or Jimmies)

4) If you’re too broke to buy a rose, use this paper mouth/rose mask to swoon your lover.

5) ‘I Heart Macaroons’ book- these are crazy delicious treats from France. Make some yourself.

6) A Gummy Heart-  Because an anatomical heart is just so appetizing…

7) A stuffed anatomical heart- so you know what a happy heart should look like.

Voila! I think my Valentine this year will be my cat,  Mr. Marmar. I usually I shape his cat food into a heart and light candles around his food bowl. Go ahead, call me a romantic! (FYI- That’s not my gorgeous Mr. Marmar below- but she’s still adorable!)


photos: Fred Flare

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