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Designer Guo Pei is Hong Kong’s answer to Alexander McQueen. Cutting edge and beautiful, Pei is finds the balance between Eastern elegance and Western modernism. Those shoes are fan-friggin-tastic! And the dress in the last photo is gorgeous! If you drop an earring or something, you’ll never lose it! The blue and white gown reminds me of John Galliano- it’s stunning nonetheless. All this 3D origami designs going around is nice and all, but how do you sit? That’s the question of the day. Anyway, Pei is definitely one to watch! Watch his awesome fashion show below.

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photos: Fashion 156

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Check out these shoes! Freakshow! My personal fave is the second one in, I like how the heel dangles with no purpose. But I also like the green one , because there’s no heel and it looks like some kind of  Lance Burton magic trick.  When I was a young and naive Roxy, I used to go to NYC on a weekly basis for auditions and modeling jobs. I would wear the highest platform heels (thanks to Ginger Spice) on the bus, subway, etc. My mom would leave frantic messages on my phone like , ‘You went to NYC in those heels again! ‘ . She thought I would be alone and I’d trip and fall and hit my head and get amnesia,forget her and become a crack addict at the Port Authority. Possible, but not likely. Gotta love moms. 

photos: style and saks fifth avenue

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Barneys NY and Christian Louboutin teamed up to make these incredibly heinous high heel. What’s even more awful is the price tag at $1,000.  This looks like something  my preschooler son would make during arts and crafts at school. On the flip side, the shoes below are awesome!


These are a limited edition Christian Louboutin  Marie- Antoinette heels  with French embroidery house, Lesage. They cost $6,295 and yes, could pay for a mortgage or two  or three…..I love the head on the strap- how ironic… It just needs a red blood stain around the neck! And the ship…..awesome! By the way, I had a custom Marie-Antoinette skirt made for me  by the talented LilliaRose on Etsy. Check it out here. Bloody neck and all! Twolia also has a craft store. Check that out as well!


photos: Fashion indie

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Punitive Shoes specializes in unusual footwear including horse hooves (in the first photo). The other two are your normal run of the mill drag queen shoes. So, the horse hooves don’t come with sugar cubes and carrots, but they come with the horse rings to leave your unusual hoof prints. So, when I was younger, I had a collection of drag queen shoes (thanks to the Spice Girls!). After you walk in them for a while, you can totally run a mile in them easy without falling! Although , when you fall- it’s a loooong way down.. ouch.


photos: Punitive Shoes

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