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Elle Decor gave Jean Paul Gaultier a few rooms to go ape sh*t  in and look what he gave us! Absolutely fantastic! I like how JPG is sitting there like Where’s Waldo? I still see you, JP. The best part of this exhibit was the doll bedspread. It sort of looks like Marie Osmond is rising from the satin bed, all satan like. I loves it! But that’s only because I collect dolls- a normal person would be creeped out , I suppose. Speaking of Jean Paul Gaultier dolls- I have a the Spring 2000 Limited Edition Jean Paul Gaultier Porcelain Doll that is sitting in a corner collecting dust. I may turn into a bedspread!

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photos: Dita Von Teese, 00oo00 spot

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Chrisrian Lacroix has a reputation of building an ensemble with so many different patterns and textures that may give onlookers a strained eye. In his 2009 Couture collection, Lacroix actually toned it down a bit (if you can believe it). No longer a circus show of the past, this collection was actually rich with embroidery fit for a Russian princess with Lacroix’ s signature  splash of bright colors and whimsy. My favorite from the entire collection is the first photo of a blue suit. That ensemble is sure to make any lady look like a porcelain doll, or Dita Von Teese, which in my book is the epitome of beauty. The one thing about Lacroix is his ability to maintain his signature look throughout all these years and still have people recognize his designs without looking at the tag or asking. That, to me, is a an achievement.

photos: Style

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