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Then this is for you. It’s a key holder. This mustache looks like the kind a certain Italian named ‘Papa Gino’s’ would sport.

For those who don’t know what Papa Gino’s is- it is only the bestest place (outside of Federal Hill, RI) to get an Italian grinder! When I was pregnant with my son and I was back home, I would eat those day and night! I even begged the worker to unlock their doors after hours and make me a grinder ASAP! He did! He probably thought this crazy pregnant lady’s gonna go ape sh*t on me- I’d better give her what she wants! Anypiggy, I do remember dropping some of the sandwich contents onto the driveway at home (it was summer) and watched it for at least a week UNCHANGED! Yeah- That’s why it’s so damn good.

So, going back on track- visit this dude’s Etsy.. it’s pretty cool.

photo: Ben Floeter’s Etsy 

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Daria Marchik 

is a freelance photographer from NY , but was born in Moscow. Here is one of her photographs involving a 

a onesie for two pregnant ladies. That better have a butt flap in case one has to pee. or both. I remember when I was preggers I had to be within 10 feet of the toilet or I could have  gotten the case of the  Fergies. Especially, the last 3 months… 

Getting back on track, They look a little twiddle dee and dum-ish. With a twist of Alison Goldfrapp and those creepy twins from Gormenghast.

If you haven’t seen Terry Gilliam’s Gormenghast, then you must drop everything and Netflix it to the top of your list! It is so bizzare and cool! Those kooky Brits! Also, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in that, so you know it’s worth the 6 hours total ( yes, I watched it all…. over 2 nights,… okay, in one shot with no bathroom break or snackums break ). I always wondered why they never showed this in the US, but I don’t think Americans would get it. They would just think it’s gay. Be sure to check out the PERSIAN CAT ROOM! It’s where I want to go when I die…

Here’s vintage Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Steerpike in the mini-series.


photo: Fashion Indie


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