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Unicorns- I looove them! & It's so Flufffeehh! necklaces by I'm Your Present *

Desiree Doll

FancyPack by CarrotCake

On my last trip to Rhode Island, I went to the Indie Arts Festival in Providence one Saturday afternoon. It was like a flashback to the late 90’s for me. There was a rave in a tunnel underneath the street, some gritty bands, (some cool ones, too), vendors serving junk food (YUM!) and some damn good vintage clothes and jewelry shopping! Seriously, it was like every cool store in Providence condensed into one venue. Pretty damn convenient, if you ask me. I came across an AWESOME  Persian cat necklace and unicorn necklace at  I’m Your Present . They love cats as much as do. I love when I meet like-minded people. I also ran into an old friend, Desiree from Desiree Doll. She makes cute, little one-of-a-kind dresses and accessories. Desiree introduced me to a really cool fannypack. It’s called the Fancypack because it’s in the shape of a bow! It’s by Carrotcake and is available in a slew of colors and fabrics. As I had mentioned in earlier posts, bows are like kryptonite to me, so naturally I ordered one in a Barbie pink. So if you see a crazy red -headed lady covered in bows and a Persian cat necklace pushing a stroller, don’t be frightened, it’s only me.  Anyway, if you ever make your way down to Rhode Island be sure to check out The Curatorium on Wickendon Street. They have the coolest useless stuff. Like, it’s stuff you don’t need but want. Nothing wrong with that. But if you don’t make it out to the smallest state in the union, you can always shop at all of the stores’ Etsy  shops and websites.

photos: booboo,Desiree Doll, Carrotcake

* My Hair Bun (first photo) by Puppycatmeow

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I grew up in the cozy state of Rhode Island and wanted to share my favorite places and things in this charming, historic smallest state in the union. Obviously, The Family Guy ranks number one. An artist’s haven, the city of Providence, has many nooks and crannies of cool areas (and FANTASTIC restaurants), including the Italian Federal Hill district. My absolute favorite place to have cake IN THE WORLD is Pastiche. The lemon cake is to die for. Literally. I have devised many attempts to have this cake Fedex-ed to me in California, but all failed. So, I gorged myself with Pastiche’s yummy cakes for one week straight.

Be sure to check out Diva’s Palace, a very hip boutique with some vintage and gorgeous in-house designs. The store front itself is beautifully decorated!

Of course, my trip included a lobster (lobstah) dinner… mine was a lady lobster. How did I know? Because she had a million black eggs in her tummy. Yeah, gross! I scooped out the eggs and ate the lobster anyway, because that’s how much I love lobsters! My 4 year old son was spooked.

So, after a week of clam chowda, Del’s lemonade, Pastiche, Italian cold cuts, and more ( when I say more, I didn’t have enough time for everything!)- I think my body’s ready for the Californian detox: fruits, smoothies, sushi, and a Korean spa! I’m already thinking about my next trip back….

PS- Be sure to check out The Roger Williams Park Zoo during the month of October. A spectacular evening display of hundreds of intricately carved  pumpkins line a trail located near a breathtaking lake. Also, Waterfire is a must see in downtown Providence!

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photos: Federal Hill, Moi!

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This really purdy house is on raffle for a lucky someone to win! It is located in historic Rhode Island and is almost 5,000 square feet on a 1/2 acre of land. Tickets are $200 and the raffle  ends October 31, 2009. The actual drawing will be on November 15, 2009. So if you’re the lucky winner, you could be comfy cozy in this house in time for the holidays. Check out the other prizes, which include cold hard cash and two parcels of land in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island.  Who wouldn’t want to live where ‘The Family Guy’ lives?

Check out KFFAM for details and more photos.

KFFAM on twitter

photos: KFFAM

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