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The Heel Condom is probably the most simple way to class up a pair of heels. That is if your definition of classy is a leopard leotard with matching fingerless opera length gloves. No! Some of the designs are actually ok. Puerto Rican designer  Sandrysabel Ortiz (picture her with a margarita in hand  and  wearing a marabou robe from the latest Forplay catalog) designed these clever contraptions to dress up any boring pair of heels. They make even the cheapest heels, well… even cheaper. Kidding! Go to the site, ignore the  The Nanny-inspired music on the site, and get yourself a pair!

photos: trend de la creme

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This is pretty cool if you want to scare the crap out of a guy that’s bothering you. You just flash your heels and they’ll probably give you the ‘crazy b*tch’ look and walk away. Back when I used to take the bus to NYC on the lovely Greyhound Express, I used to flash my mace to any shady characters in my path. It was in a holster and everything. People backed the eff up. I have a feeling these shoes would do the job, too. I like how the heels are uneven so if you step on someone’s face, the shortest heel just dangles all gangster like and says, “What?”. But in all seriousness, this kinda sucks if you’re walking on say the grass or cobblestones. It gets stuck three times, except once. Having said that, I’ll take a pair.

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photos: Kingdom of Style

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