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Just because it’s Prince Spaghetti night doesn’t mean that you can’t have spaghetti every friggin’ day of the week! That is if your main goal is to make a killer jacket that will make you the envy of your Rotary Club! I’m not sure how many packages it took to make all these creations, but I’m sure the Friskies jacket had a human consumer seeing that it takes months to go through a bag for one tiny ass cat that eats an ounce a day. I mean, isn’t it like patè? That is some District 9 sh*t. Anyway, if only I had a Capri Sun jacket, I would wear the crap out of it at the next PTA meeting.

photos: Neatorama

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Providence, R.I.  based, Salvagge , breathe new life into bottle caps, vinyl records, and paint can lids by turning them into functional housewares or funky jewelry. They must have staked out all the alcoholics’ homes  in Providence … because one door curtain uses 550 bottle caps! That’s a lot of booze! Kidding! My favorite are the paint lids with old Revlon ads that are now coasters. I sort of want to send them all my CDs that I don’t need anymore and see what they come up with. At the moment, I use them as frisbees for my cats. I think I’m gonna stop, though. I’m afraid this will happen….

photos: Salvagge

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