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Theses are some smashing swine flu masks! My favorite is the hello kitty mask. If I had to wear a mask, I would spray glue on it and dip it in glitter. Then I would finish the edges with some vintage fringe. Imagine that! Then I would attach a satin ribbon around the back. Is that too much? Tell me ’cause I don’t want to look a fool. 




But these are even better!  My fave is the mouth with the pill.

 Designed by Irina Blok -Proceeds will be donated to Children International to help Mexico fight the swine flu epidemic. 

photos: In the week / Irina blok

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Bocage New York has the coolest pendants, buttons and ribbons for any craft. I was lucky enough to discover them through Myspace. Yeah, Weird- I know… They’re specialty is in vintage findings, trimmings and buttons. That is fantastic since I have a lot of  vintage clothes needing new buttons or trimmings. Buttons can really change the look of an outfit. Take the Heart playing card button above, put that on a vintage suit and it may pass for a Vintage Moschino!  I especially like the tonic pendents. You can see the entire collection here.

If you’re in Santa Barbara, you can make an appointment to view their showroom. 

photos: Bocage

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