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Here’s a round up of cool stuff for under $25 for Valentine’s Day from Brooklyn boutique, Fred Flare. I thought $25 is the bare minimum your boyfriend should spend if he’s expecting some sort of action Sunday night. Seriously… no excuses.

1) Lips bandages- give that boo boo a kiss!

2)Heart necklace and Key  – so junior high…. I  love it.

3) Heart ring filled with sprinkles (or Jimmies)

4) If you’re too broke to buy a rose, use this paper mouth/rose mask to swoon your lover.

5) ‘I Heart Macaroons’ book- these are crazy delicious treats from France. Make some yourself.

6) A Gummy Heart-  Because an anatomical heart is just so appetizing…

7) A stuffed anatomical heart- so you know what a happy heart should look like.

Voila! I think my Valentine this year will be my cat,  Mr. Marmar. I usually I shape his cat food into a heart and light candles around his food bowl. Go ahead, call me a romantic! (FYI- That’s not my gorgeous Mr. Marmar below- but she’s still adorable!)


photos: Fred Flare

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Polly Van der Glas has taken human parts like hair and teeth to construct his creepy jewelry and accessories line. Check out the brass knuckles (first photo) made out of teeth. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? You can knock out teeth with teeth! This is some CSI sh*t! Imagine finding out your jewelry belongs to a missing person- dang. Be sure to check out Polly’s other jewelry/accessories, especially the human hair purse.  I wonder if her studio has moths and butterflies….he he.

photo: Trend de la Creme

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Steampunk Trunk on Etsy makes these awesome pieces of jewelry for a very reasonable price, between $40-$60. Made from old watch gears and other gears, this is the epitome of recyclable fashion in a Victorian style. A while back, I had written an article in Buzzine.com on the growing trend of  Steampunk. You may view it here. Today, there are so many vendors on etsy offering the growing fashion trend. Go ahead an type in ‘steampunk’  in the search box on etsy and begin your adventure back in time or shall I say to the future? 


photos: steam punk trunk

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This can go with the Pig’s feet  that Britney surely snacks on down south. This is a Pig’s Ear Bracelet made by Aurther Hash. I googled his ass and came up with this. 

It ‘s actually a really cool website! He has an etsy shop with moe wearable jewelry like this :

   it’s a ring made from ping -pong paddles. 

I’m sure he made that pig’s ear bracelet to bring attention to his other jewelry ’cause I’m sure the guy is a starving artist. Check out his etsy store and buy something so he doesn’t scare us with more ghastly things. I personally like the grenade pin. I have a gold grenade necklace that I adore. But I don’t wear it to the airport.

photo: Projekt30

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