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Japanese designer  Yuliya Wim Merlin creates whimsical knit creations that would make a cold, gloomy day smile. Being a fan of unique knitwear, Yuliya’s designs stood out from the rest of the ho-hum knitwear you see in some stores. I think the sushi sweater is brilliant, especially the 3D aspect of it. I would totally wear the piano dress to a fancy ballet recital or  something. The cherry dress looks very rockabilly and Betsey Johnson- ish.  Check out her Etsy shop. Can’t wait forSweataWheatha“!

photos: Yuliya Wim Merlin

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Good God- What IS this? I rarely comment on menswear because I think when a guy looks too put together, it doesn’t look right. Don’t get me wrong- I think a caveman- looking dude is gross. But, I like it when a man just throws things together with an accessory that may be cool, like a fat wallet. Seriously. No, I’m kidding! This mess above is by Frida Ringstrom. She’s Swedish. I think she designed this collection for men who like to get beat up on the street. Why does this remind me of Nuni from Saturday Night Live? Apparently, her previous collection was inspired by Road Kill. Lovely.

photos: Fashion 156

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work_2243 work_2245 bag

Dutch photographer/artist , Hendrik Kerstens, latest work involves plastic bags, toilet paper rolls and toilet paper. Sounds like my son’s items of choice for an afternoon of crafting or his diaper disposal. Anyway, the above are a few of this bizarre art that is display at some unlucky art gallery. That chick looks like she’s ready to quit this b*tch! The last photo reminds of Dieter for some odd reason- it could be the black turtle neck speaking to me. Visit Hendrik’s site to see where you can view this mess. 


photos: Hendrik Kerstens

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