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Romanian designer Olah Gyarfas designed these ‘costumes’ under his label, Rozalb de Mura. This is his Spring 2010 collection that doesn’t utilize any zippers or buttons. Everything is tied together with strings, which emits  a hobo/ gypsy air to the overall look. What a pain in the ass to tie. Anyway,this reminds me of that awful horror movie where a couple of hooded scarecrow-looking people lurk around in the dark at these people’s house. I only saw the trailer, but know it’s awful because who walks around with a burlap bag on their head in the damn middle of the night. What was that movie? I think it was The Strangers? Or that other movie with a killer scarecrow that terrorizes a high school.  Scarecrow ( ahahahahahaha- I’m in that!)  Wow, so many movies with that theme… Anyway, I’m gonna file this under hella fug.

photos: Trend de la Creme

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British designer, Charles Anastase, has an eye for the odd and dramatic. I consider myself a fashion daredevil and even I wouldn’t touch this collection. The sack dress is just that- a sack of potatoes… (mmmm, chips). I have a few ideas as to who would wear that sack dress:

-A teenage girl from Idaho hoping for Prom Queen.

-A teenage girl from Ireland hoping for Prom Queen ( do they have those in Ireland?)

– A teenage girl from Costa Rica hoping for Prom Queen ( coffee beans, anyone?)

– ‘Scarecrow’ from Batman looking for an ensemble to match his face.

The orange dress just reminded me I have a pile of laundry to fold. I do like the comeback of hoop skirts , though.

photos: Style

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