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Los Angeles -based Beat Up Creations just knows what the public wants- vintage china plates with Gizmo right in the center! This makes tea time such a treat with a bear-faced Marie Antoinette staring back at you through a scatter of scone crumbs! *Swoon*! My favorite has to be the Elizabethan ET or the cat in uniform. Hell! They’re ALL my favorite. Beat Up Creations also does zombie portraits, so make sure to check out their Etsy store. There were seriously too many to post, but they ALL are just lovely and kitschy! Aaaaaand , they are all upcycled. Brilliant work!

photos : Beat Up Creations

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Call your resident gimp because I just found the beautifullest winter ensemble- a head to toe knit mohawk suit! It’s by Sibling London and they also have the coolest knit sweaters that any serious punk rocker would swoon for. No seriously, I love these cool knitwear, especially the one with “PUNK” written like that Robert Indiana statue. This must be a Johnny Rotten sponsored show. Even though these are for men, I would totally wear it all “burning down the house” style…. except the girlfriend from hell sweater.. that would be completely inaccurate.

photos: Fashion 156

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If there was a mismatch made in hell in the fashion world it would have been Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson. This prophecy was fulfilled at the Vivienne Westwood Fall Ready- to-Wear  2009 show. Apparently Westwood didn’t take her meds while designing this collection because it was a complete mess from beginning to end. The red dye is starting to seep into her brain. Exhibit A- look above. I don’t even know where my eyes should rest. I think I have a headache. Moving on, I’m actually quite depressed about this. Viv is one of my most favorite designers ever-and she sort of let me down. Like in the way a parent promises to take you to the circus, but doesn’t and then buys you a candy bar to shut you up. But, I suppose the photos above are like going to the circus! but I still feel let down. 😦  Awwwww.

photos: Style

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