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The Blonds are on my radar after reading about Miley Cyrus’ Peacock Corset on several other blogs. So I  put on my Sherlock Holmes cap and did some heavy duty research (I googled them) and saw that they actually have collections. I’m surprised because they aren’t on Style.com’s directory and they should be. I mean this is Couture, y’all! These are some gorgeous creations that remind me of a little bit of  Heatherette.  Completely showstopping, their corsets are beyond ornate! I mean each piece must weigh more than an Olsen.I think my fave is the pink feathers outfit. Soooooooooo gorgeous! By the way, the last photo are The Blonds- dang! They look like Nordic beauty queens! Bravo!

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photos: The Blonds

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The annual ‘What you won’t ever see at a Victoria’s Secret store’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show came and went and I completely missed it. Usually, I mark my calendar for this crap, but due to lack  of interest, I didn’t. The only outfit that I found remotely cool was the first photo of a steampunk pair of wings and Sherlock Holmes-y corset dress. The rest looked like a craft show from all the Project Runway rejects- a complete Cheeeeeeze fest with a side of hooch. Seriously, you walk into a Victoria’s Secret and none of these runway pieces are there- it’s just a bunch of sweatpants with ‘Pink’ written on the butt, padded bras (so 90’s) and a bunch of little pink dogs here and there. Sorry for being such a Grinch, but after you watch this video, you will see why I think Victoria’s Secret is on the lame side.

So, today is the moment of truth of whether I was naughty or nice this year. Mr. Marmar decides.


Mr. MarMar - look at dat fathe!

Have a Merry Holiday full of food, stuff and more stuff!

photos: CBS, me

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Anna Sui (in the same, fun realm as Betsey Johnson) remains to be one of my favorite designers no matter what she spits out. Why? Because I’ve been going to her store in Soho, NYC since I was 13 and the same grumpy security guard still works there ever since I can remember. He makes you check in your bags and then gives you a look  like , ‘Fool!  Child, you could pay a mortgage instead of buying that effed up hippie dress’. It’s totally on his face. Anyway, the bolero suit and the band camp capes are the best. I love capes, by the way. They  make me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

photos: Style

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