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British designer James Hock‘s latest collection is consists of only the colors red and black and a strong harlequin theme. Basically, it’s like the circus in an Asian restaurant. Lucky for James, I like the circus and I like Asian restaurants. The only thing I’m unsure of is the half shorts/half pants look. About 95% of the times that I wear pants, it means that I was too lazy to shave my legs. So those pants would just confuse me- to shave or not to shave?

Check out James’ older collection that belongs on Queen Latifah back in her U.N.I.T.Y days. I really like the boxy look, especially the ‘b*tch, get off my sidewalk’ shoulders. The last photo is something I’d wear to a cat show. Mr. Marmar could jump on my shoulder and use my hat as a scratching post. I love it all!

photos: Kingdom of Style

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Spanish designer Manuel Bolano gave us bears and geniously constructed silhouettes in his latest collection. I love love love the bears, but they are teetering on looking like a tumor. It’s not a tumor!

Anyway, the shoulders are fantastic in the second and fourth photos- they are definitely something I would wear! The bowl cut’s are a little FUG, though. It looks like the infamous Peter Pan dude here. Anyway, I think Manuel is one to watch, but I’m not sure why his website is a Myspace and Facebook page. Dude needs to get a sponsor STAT so he can get a decent website up and running. He totally deserves it.

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photos: Manuel Bolano

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Thanks to Marc Jacobs, the horrid 1980s shoulder pads, pleated pants and ballon skirts are back. I thought these looks were banished to your local Salvation Army forever, -but, NO- Marc decided to regurgitate it back on the runways. The looks above are actually the better looks out of the whole show. Go to Style to view the entire show and thank me later for sparing you your eyes. You’ve been warned. Anyway, looking at this collection methinks that Marc was watching a Dynasty marathon whilst listening to Klaus Nomi and eating  Rolos. (MMMM, ROLOS) Here’s a photo of my favorite Carrington (she’s wearing Gold (the gaudiest one of all, of course!).


photos: Style and The Gaurdian UK

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