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Check out these hideous pieces of furniture! I think my favorite is the chair with the molded butt. I would add some hair for a more realistic effect, though. The gizmo chair is pretty crazy- It’s like it’s gonna bite you. By the way, when I was pregnant, I was looking for a used rocking chair because I’m cheap like that. I should’ve just strapped a chair on a rocker! Dang!… That sumo chair looks like me after I ate too much delicious buffet at  Sizzler.  The wig lamp is perfect for the tranny-in-training. It holds your wig and provides light for when you’re spackling your make up on. My commentary is done.

photos: oops award

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Borba Margo seems to know how to keep things locked, sealed, and buckled! Here is a belt with many buckles. Imagine you’re wearing this belt and you just had a big steak dinner at Sizzler (yum- don’t make like you don’t go there- I know you do). WTF are you gonna do?? EXPLODE!!! Too many buckles, too little time. Anyway, I had trouble finding their official website, but they are on YOOX.com . They’re specialty is belts with lots of buckles and pouches and other things. Their name sounds like a Barbapapa character. If you don’t know what Barbapapa is , click here to check out the madness!

photos: Wearable Art

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