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So,  I have to show you my gnome outfit I wore recently to my interviews with Elton John, Emily Blunt and James McAvoy for Gnomeo & Juliet. The movie was adorable! As a huge fan of gnomes ( Exhibit A and Exhibit B), I had to go all out and spread to everyone my freakish love for gnomes. Don’t laugh, but everyone has a weakness- mine happens to be miniature bearded men in pointy hats with an affinity for gardening.

I am wearing a skirt by Made With Love By Hannah, shoes by Irregular Choice, shirt from the depths of my closet, and cardigan by Anthropologie. Lilly pad/ladybug hair clip from Patricia Field‘s circa when I still had a pager and Hair Rosettes by ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’ from PuppycatMeow.

By the way, I wish they made this in my size! By DollFace girls.

photos: moi, DollFace girls

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ClosetAudit.com is a new platform that allows the personal stylists at Urban Darling to perform wardrobe consultations online. To kick off the site launch, Urban Darling is hosting a video styling challenge. Men and women 18 or older are invited to submit a one-and-a-half minute video of themselves discussing their wardrobes; in turn, Urban Darling stylists will post video responses to the first 20 submissions. The selected 20 will also receive gift bags with items from companies such asBenefit Cosmetics, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Luna, among others. Contest details are available at www.ClosetAudit.com.”


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Only one thing came to my mind after seeing Christopher Kane’s Spring 2011. MACAROONS!! Maybe I’m just hungry for Macaroons…. These were my 2 fave looks from Kane’s collection, the rest were bleh to me. I always like a bright, cheery skirt suit. And the lace is pretty cute- I , myself am always partial to doily fashion. Lace can be either super trashy or really cute- this falls under cute, luckily. This is excellent wear for an afternoon of tea and macaroons! It’s four o’clock tea somewhere in the world right now, right?

photos: Style, Laduree

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POOFskirts on Etsy has the gear for that one tacky raver with the binky hanging around her neck. I mean, I’ve been there and done that like a over decade and half ago- so I can’t really hate. Two things come to mind when pom-poms come to mind: Bobby socks and arts & crafts at a daycare. I have a pair of bobby socks with a neon pink pom pom at the ankle. One fell off so it looks like quite pathetic. But I wear it anyway. My son likes to stick googly eyes to large pom poms for a gaggle of fuzzy monsters. I think googly eyes on each pom pom on this skirt could qualify it to be borderline creepy. That may just work to the skirt’s advantage. If you’re about to rave through the night and/or want to entertain small children, this just may be for you.

photos: Style Bubble

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Designer Brian Lichtenberg has decided to take the one cute thing in the world and make it beyond hideous. This dreadful piece can be yours for $2,100. Or save yourself $2,990 and buy a Gizmo stuffed doll and hot glue gun it to a mini-skirt. Seriously, the idea isn’t that bad, it’s the execution that is at fault. Check out the side view of this monstrosity. Tucks- need not apply and even if you have nothing to tuck, it looks like you’re hiding something. And by something I mean a gut-over -bagina or an unfortunate case of crotch-rot (DO NOT CLICK HERE IF YOU DON”T WANT TO VOMIT UNCONTROLLABLY)*. I need to look at some Chanel to cleanse my palette.

* Shut down and unplug your computer to avoid a short from the vomit you just spewed.

photos: The Trendy Girl

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Here’s a photo from the  National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Hyderabad, India. I find this FUG on all levels. They didn’t even unfold the shirts from the package. I bet the cardboard innards are still intact. L.A.Z.Y. Having said that, I do like the white collar, colored shirt look for men. It looks really hip until those Verizon sales people start wearing them. Then , it’s time to find something else. 

photo: Day Life 

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